Zhengzhou City Blind and Dumb School Full-function "Classroom Information Display System" Project Case

Gate of Zhengzhou Blind School

Zhengzhou Blind School Campus

TJ-4 classroom alarm display

Classroom display of TJ-4 classroom

â—† Project Name: Full-function "Classroom Information Display System" Engineering Case

â—† Project location: Zheng Ting Blind and Dumb School

â—† Detailed information: In July 2011, a fully automatic TJ-4 classroom display system was installed in the school's teaching building. The device uses fully automatic control of daily teaching time management, emergency alarm and campus broadcasting broadcast. Its R & D design is fully in line with the announcement of the Ministry of Construction's Ministry of Education's 2007-04-20 on the release of the industry standard "Special Education School Building Design Specification", the special education industry standard 8.7.3. Deaf schools are equipped with disaster broadcasting systems, which can be used to report to the police A device that emits a flashing signal is added to the system. It is the first class display screen with alarm device on the market.

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