Wrigley wardrobe Jane loves the modern series of young people's furniture preferred

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Busy work will make many young people have no time to take care of finishing their clothes, and busy work is for what, is not to give themselves a high quality of life? Therefore, young people need a beautiful and practical wardrobe to help you solve the problem of finishing clothes and create a clean and comfortable environment.

Product Name : Wrigley Wardrobe Jane Modern Series

Design style : modern style

Cabinet : light teak wood board

Door panel : light teak wood board

Wrigley Wardrobe Jane Love Series

Elegant tones of youthful

The simple appearance of the wardrobe and the light colours give you more freedom to create. Add some brightly colored clothes, add a little youthful atmosphere, and let the wardrobe move with the pace of summer. If you want to be calm and calm, you can also remove the fresh clothes and make the black and white ash the main color. Let the wardrobe change at any time, anytime, anywhere; express the truest self, anytime, anywhere.

Open wardrobe

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A well-defined internal structure that gives clothes a private space

The burden of the mind is made up of a variety of things that are not evenly arranged. The mess of clothing is largely due to lack of space and misclassification. These problems can be solved in Jane's modern series wardrobe. Large-capacity wardrobes, clothes are not afraid, no longer need to change the season to clean the wardrobe. The layered compartment design maximizes the use of space and allows the clothes to have their own private space.

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