Wood floor and home perfect match four styles recommended

Young people like modern (modern decoration renderings) style homes. In the current decoration market, a large number of young people choose simple (simple decoration renderings) style to decorate their own home. So what are the types of simple styles? What is the effect of wooden flooring and these styles?

First, the floor is matched with modern fashion style

Study wooden floor decoration picture

Black and white matching space, strong color contrast or all-round matching of all light tones, these two different color schemes can meet your fashion front-end home decoration needs. Fashionable home collections of stylish spruce, stylish light oak, stylish birch, stylish cherry wood, fashion five elegant and bright styles with light and medium-colored furniture, simple and stylish style is inadvertently formed.

Expert suggestion: All light-tone decorative styles can be matched with color-changing wall colors, such as red, blue, yellow and other bright colors, which can make the overall room color change.

Second, the floor and personality style matching

Living room wood floor picture

I am doing my own way, maverick, comprehending the connotation of beauty from abstraction, and the color jump reflects a different aesthetic concept, taking a different path. This is the true meaning of the personality style. The strong contrast is easy to help you achieve personal home. dream.

Expert advice: the wall is not suitable for the use of too fancy colors, furniture style should be simple and stylish.

Third, the floor is matched with modern and elegant style

Bedroom wooden floor picture

The faint color, bright style, simple (simple decoration effect) style, elegant and modern (modern decoration renderings) home decoration makes modern people experience the quiet, elegant style of life and mind after the intense and fast-paced work. mold. Light maple, pearl cherry and Winsor gold oak, Winsor light oak, and most light colours can help you achieve a modern and elegant home.

Expert advice: with cherry wood color, light walnut color, maple color and other light-colored modern elegant panel furniture, combined with modern lighting and beige, light blue, light pink, snow white color wall color, Achieving an ideal home is actually very simple.

Fourth, the floor furniture distinguished retro style with

Vintage wooden floor design

Classical (classical decoration renderings) beauty is the beauty of the deep respect of the human mind, thick and rich, is the aesthetic essence of human history deposited in the passage of time. Classical beauty has not been concealed by the fashion glory of modern society, but has become more and more a form of self-expression that is favored by the upper society (the club's decoration renderings). Chinese classical furniture or thick and dark retro furniture all reflect the master's cultural heritage and the memory of historical aesthetics.

Expert suggestion: Chinese and Western classical furniture are heavily colored and complemented by retro effects. They are decorated with white or light beige walls, classical lamps and oil paintings. The master's style is in the retro style.

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