Wind and water: home feng shui for pregnancy

First, the bed should not be placed in metal, electrical products

Do not put metal or electrical products near the head of the bed, such as telephones, radios, etc., these items are easy to interfere with normal magnetic fields and normal work and rest, which makes couples difficult to conceive.

Second, there must be no fish tanks, too many mirrors

The fish tank cannot be placed in the bedroom, the fish tank will cause moisture, and the bedroom is too cloudy and too humid, which may lead to yin and yang disharmony and difficulty in conception. There aren't too many mirrors in the bedroom. In addition to driving away the tires, the mirrors will also cause the man's exhaustion.

Third, the room is too large

After many people have money, they like to live in a big house, but they don’t know that every piece of the big house will absorb people’s gas field. If the house is large and there are few people living in it, the main gas field is dissipated and the body is angry. If the field is dissipated, it is not easy to give birth, or only a woman does not have a man.

Fourth, you must see the sun

The bedroom should have sunshine. In ancient times, the Yangzhai school said that the couple’s bedroom was in the sunshine and easy to have a son, because of the yin and yang reconciliation. Feng Shui believes that "the yin is not born, the yang is not long." That is to say, if the environment is composed of yin and yang, a man can't have a child, and a woman can't have a child. Then the room is dark and damp, indicating that the environment is a lonely and yin environment. There is no yang and neutrality. It is like this room is a woman, no man, so this environment is not equipped with fertility.

Fifth, there must be a threshold

In ancient times, in addition to the threshold of the gate, there were also thresholds in the bedroom. The door has a threshold in the Feng Shui school to retain the fetal gas. However, in society, there is only a door to the threshold. The remedy can be used to lay carpet in the master bedroom. Keep the tires.

Six, bed head orientation

When the husband and wife are sleeping, they must head towards the male owner's zodiac (Pig Rabbit - Oriental, Tiger Dog - South, Snake Chicken - Western, Monkey Rat Dragon - North).

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