Why is your erector spine easily damaged?

The erector spinae, also known as the sacral spine muscle, is a group of muscles located next to the lumbar vertebrae, from the inside to the outside, the spine, the longissimus and the iliac ribs. Its main function is to stretch the trunk. If the erector spinae muscle is dysfunctional, whether it is sputum or increased tension, it is easy for the patient to have low back pain symptoms. The reason for its vulnerability is that the static action of the erector spinae is of great significance to the patient's daily activities, the maintenance posture and dynamic activities during exercise.


When the person is in a normal standing position, the erector spinae are rarely active, and the spine is balanced by joints and soft tissues. About 75% of normal people's gravity lines pass in front of the fourth lumbar vertebrae. A transient sustained or intermittent activity of the erector spinae prevents the spine from descending and gains body balance. However, some people's gravity line is behind the lumbar spine. At this time, the abdominal muscles need to be contracted to avoid the extension of the spine.

When the head or upper limbs move forward, the lower erector spinae activity increases. When weight-bearing, the erector spinae activity also increases accordingly, and is associated with negative weight and load at the body's position. These movements are some of the actions that we must do in our daily lives. Every time we do these movements, our erector spinae are moving.

When the center of gravity is shifted to one side, such as holding a heavy object on one side, the contralateral erector muscle tends to contract to prevent the torso from flexing. This is why our back shoulder bag not only has neck and shoulder pain, but also low back pain.

The erector spinae activity is related to body position when sitting. With a backrest and no backrest, the angle of inclination of the backrest will cause changes in the activity of the erector spinae.

When the spine flexes forward, the erector spinae activity increases and is related to the angle of flexion. If the load is increased, the increase in erector spinae activity increases in proportion to the volume of the load.

Many erector spinae contractions occur when the trunk is stretched from the flexion position. At this time, the erector spinae contracted centripetally, and because of the work we often bend over, the excessive contraction of the erector spinae is normal. It is normal to bend over and work. It is not only a bad way of working. Affecting the erector spinae also affects the intervertebral disc.

People with long-term sitting posture will have pelvic anteversion, which is not only related to gluteal muscle weakness, psoas muscle tension, but also related to the tense erector spinae. Because the erector spinae is attached to the posterior iliac spine and tendon, it has The ability to tilt the pelvis forward, for patients with pelvic anteversion, to treat the erector spinae.

The erector spinae can stretch the trunk from an upright position, but once the gravity line shifts, the trunk moves by gravity, and the erector spinae stops contracting. If the torque is too large or too small, the erector spinae will act again.

The ipsilateral muscle contraction allows the trunk to bend the torso from the upright position to the side. If the center of gravity shifts, gravity acts and the contralateral muscles control its movement.

In addition, when the erector spinae contract, the spine is subjected to longitudinal stress and increases the pressure in the intervertebral disc. Increased muscle activity is associated with increased intravertebral pressure. People with stress and tension are more likely to have increased muscle activity when they are quieter. Therefore, these people have higher intervertebral disc pressure.

The erector spinae can be used too much in life. Excessive contraction can easily strain the erector spinae, which is why the erector spinae are easily strained.

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