What kind of furniture is chosen to show what temperament

"temperament" refers to the comprehensive quality of human physiology, psychology, etc. The ancients also used the temperament of the literati's style, the poetry and painting of the clear and generous style. Every piece of furniture can find its character interpretation, just like the material of furniture, especially the identity of people; the shape of furniture is like the appearance of people; the craft of furniture is like the temperament of people. In particular, mahogany furniture, from its birth to its spread, has gradually brought a reiki with time, with its unique soul and temperament, just like a character with identity, thought and spirit. .

Buy furniture to grasp its shape and temperament

First, to buy furniture to grasp its shape and temperament

The choice of furniture must first grasp its shape and temperament as a whole. Then, it depends on the basic work, the horizontal and vertical, the smooth surface, and the curve is round. Door seams and drawer joints should be straight and thin. If the gap is too large, it means that the work is rough and it will be deformed after a long time.

Also depends on the firmness of the furniture. Scarring and wormholes are now being labeled as environmentally friendly by some businesses, but real scarring can affect wood. When you choose, you should look at the position of the scar on one side, and then find the corresponding scar on the other side. If there is, this knot is basically a dead knot, and it will fall off after a long time. In particular, look at the force parts of the furniture, such as columns, cross braces, legs, etc., to ensure that there are no large scars or cracks.

Good solid wood furniture, the wood inside the cabinet door and the drawer is dry, the texture is clear, the texture is tight, and there is no pungent smell. The moldy furniture, the wood is green and has water marks. The color of the section is deeper than the panel. It can be seen from the section that the board is made of whole piece of wood or a plurality of pieces of wood.

Whether it is solid wood furniture or panel furniture, some details should be noted. For example, whether the corner of the large furniture is protected with a protective block, whether the back plate is inlaid and the screws are fastened, and the thickness of the load-bearing plate is not enough. The surface of the hardware should not be peeled off. Some high-end panel furniture hardware is imported, and foreign language signs can be found on it.

Pay attention to the sliding and positioning of drawers, doors, and moving partitions. Open all doors and drawers to make sure they are properly installed and smooth.

For panel furniture, it is necessary to ensure that the wood-based panels used are edge-sealed. The quality of the edge banding is critical, and there must be no unevenness or lifting. Good edge sealing should be closely adhered to the entire board. Special attention should be paid to see if it is sealed on all sides. Even high-quality adhesives can make wood-based panels contain volatile gases and tightly sealed, which is good for protecting the living environment.

Custom furniture, custom temperament. Regardless of the size of the living room, the rational use of space is very interesting to consumers, and maximizing the limited space function is why custom furniture has become popular. The biggest advantage of custom furniture is that it can be designed freely according to the preferences of consumers. There is no need to have any rules to limit you. You can freely play the imagination space of the owner and what kind of furniture you want to do, as long as you put forward your thoughts and life. Habit, the rest is done by the designer. This kind of custom-made furniture is completed by professional furniture manufacturers, instead of the previous renovation team. The biggest guarantee of professional manufacturers is that the quality of the panel furniture produced by the assembly line can be trusted.

Buy furniture furniture for people: solid wood furniture is a symbol of luxury and nobility

Second, furniture metaphor

Different furniture styles reflect different artistic feelings, reflecting different aesthetics and different values. Some furniture reflects the return to nature, some furniture is very avant-garde and bold, some furniture is simple and atmospheric, and there is a piece of furniture that is lively and lively.

1. Solid wood furniture is a symbol of luxury and nobility

The atmosphere is a low-key luxury, and the simplicity reflects the natural elegance. Solid wood furniture holds the atmosphere and luxury, and sings a unique melody between nature and noble. The unique fragrance of the cherished wood species lasts for a long time. Every annual ring tells the vicissitudes of history. Touch the skin of solid wood furniture, with a calm and delicate, gentle and strong. Choosing solid wood furniture is to choose high-grade; when choosing solid wood furniture, it is to choose to walk in front of the times.

2. Redwood furniture symbolizing identity

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Buying furniture furniture is a man: the throne represents the emperor and the monarch in mahogany furniture

â—† Throne: Representing the emperor and monarch in mahogany furniture

The throne is a symbol of supreme power of the ruler. It is used in the ancient palaces. Only the royal family, such as the emperor, emperor, and prince, can use it. In the long history of the Qing Dynasty, the Forbidden City, Chengde Mountain Resort, and various palaces, gardens, and imperial tombs all have thrones. These thrones also reflect the artistic style and craftsmanship of the early, middle and late Qing dynasties.

Most of the thrones are made of red sandalwood. They are heavy in weight, solemn in style and exquisitely carved, adding a sense of dignity to the user. The Qing style throne is characterized by large size, complex structure, standard materials, fine workmanship and decorative decoration. The thrones are up and down, inside or outside, or embossed, or through a variety of auspicious patterns, showing the royal honour and luxury. Because of its extremely important position in the court furniture, the throne is very strict in the selection of materials, modeling, decoration, and even the entire production process, the level of technology is extremely high, and the pieces are called orphans.

The unique and noble temperament of the throne is like the unshakable position of the emperor. The majesty and domineering of the throne in the shape, coincides with the emperor's solemn power and command of the world. In people's impressions, those who can match the throne are non-monarchs!

Buying furniture furniture is a person: a circle chair is like a person who is mean and honest.

â—†Circle Chair: Like a person of perfection

The circle chair has the appearance of "the place of the heaven and the round". Below the upper circle, the circle is a circle and the seat is a square. The circle is the main melody, the circle is harmony, symbolizing happiness; the square is steady, quiet and far-reaching. The temperament revealed by the circle chair is exactly the same as that of a moderately honest official.

The "circle" of the back of the chair and the "square" of the four feet not only echo the epistemology of "the place of heaven and the earth" and the spiritual pursuit of "the combination of heaven and man". The combination of the curve and the straight line also embodies the theory of balance between yin and yang. In addition, the circle chair is also a model that reflects the craftsmanship of Chinese classical furniture. For example, the height of the ring chair and the height of the armrest should not only consider the visual effect, but also the design considerations that make people sit in danger; the back seat of the "S" shape of the circle chair is based on the human spine. The curve is made, and there is an ergonomic awareness a few hundred years ago; the 榫卯 structure, the solid wood bending process of the backrest, and the partial engraving all represent the peak of traditional Chinese handicrafts. All of this makes the circle chair the best choice between one piece and one piece, with a long-lasting design aesthetic.

In a sense, the mean is to be a man inside the outer circle. The outer circle is not sleek, but not extreme, without edges and corners. It can be light and extravagant, and everything can be tolerated; the inner side is Integrity, the heart is upright, maintaining a good personal personality, and responsibility. In association, the circle chair is not just a person of moderateness and integrity.

Buying furniture furniture is a man: the official hat chair is like a gentleman

â—†The official hat chair: especially like a gentleman

The official hat chair is elegant and dignified, and contains a kind of elegant literati temperament. Its shape resembling an official hat is also an expression of "optimistic world", like a gentleman.

In the chair of Chinese classical furniture, the official hat chair is famous for its exaggerated stretch and tall figure. It is named after the shape of the ancient official's hat. It is the classic type in Ming furniture.

The official hat chair is simple and smooth, tall and dynamic, and dignified. It is common in the living room, study room and bedroom of the literati. Over time, it is also contaminated with the temperament of the literati. The ancient literati love to sit on the large official hat chair, or Splashing ink, or poetry and poetry, chic and elegant, calm and serene, talking and laughing; the elegant, simple, elegant and elegant aesthetic taste of the material, craft, shape and decoration of the official hat chair, and the ancient literati pursue unconventional and intriguing The art of the art coincides; the official hat chair is a comprehensive expression of Chinese traditional culture. It shows the Confucian "benevolence", "ritual" and Taoist natural philosophical thoughts in many aspects, which are often found in ancient literati. of. Therefore, it is appropriate to say that the official hat chair is like a literati.

Buy furniture furniture to be a man: Zen chair is like a far-reaching Zen master

â—† Zen Chair: Like a far-reaching Zen master

The ancient Zen master meditation generally has a specific chair called "Zen Chair". The size and structure of the Zen chair is different from that of an ordinary chair. It is suitable for the Zen master to sit cross-legged and can make the Zen master's waist straight and sit as a standard meditation. posture. A "everyone is walking away from the heat, the Zen master does not leave the house; not the Zen master is not annoyed, but because of the calmness and natural coolness" profoundly reveals the role of Zen. This kind of ethereal mood is reflected in the furniture of the Zen chair.

The width of the Zen chair is as broad as the Zen master's ethereal and can accommodate all things; the shape of the Zen chair is solemn, coincides with the atmosphere of the Zen master's meditation and mission; the Zen chair's lines are concise and not rude, just like the Zen master. The character of the Zen chair is sturdy and durable, like the tenacious quality of the Zen master... Zen chair, euphemistic, clean and simple curve, if there is nothing, if it is false, it will leave a broad imagination The space and the emptiness of emptiness and emptiness reflect a character and temperament that is highly praised and worthy of savoring.

How to choose furniture to show temperament?

Third, how to choose furniture to show temperament?

1, the space environment should be enough

Irregular furniture is the need to consume your space, and your space has enough room to make arrangements for irregular furniture. If you really need an irregular piece of furniture to accompany you, then decide on your furniture before deciding on your space.

2, the decoration style should be unique

Personality irregular furniture is more different, so what kind of alternatives does it give you a momentary novelty or can it be regarded as a permanent appreciation? This problem requires you to think carefully, because there are too many things that cause losses due to impulsiveness. In addition, irregular furniture represents a way of life, is this way consistent with the way you are used to? Does it match your space decoration style?

3, the function of the furniture is what you need

Functionally integrated irregular furniture is designed to provide maximum convenience, but you should ask what these additional features are and whether they meet your actual needs. In many cases, our life is very simple and it is difficult to be fixed by a piece of furniture.

So say it! The influence of furniture temperament on the overall home is very large. Don't look at the furniture that looks good without temperament, and buy the right furniture with your heart, value!

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