What is the operation of the vibration tester console?

What is the operation of the vibration tester console? In front of us, we introduced a lot of operating methods on the vibration tester. The operation method of the console is introduced very little. We also received many customers asking how to operate the console. To this end, Haida Xiaobian introduced the following console operations:

1 , the power switch:

The power switch is a red boat button, printed with “ ON ” on, “ OFF ” with the word off, and pressed in the direction of “ ON ”. The indicator light in the switch will light to indicate that the power is on, and press “ OFF ” to turn off.

2 , function switch:

The wave type is selected as a green shaped button. The control panel is printed with "full wave" and "half wave" words. Pressing the "full wave" direction turns on the output of the function adjustment output. Press to "half wave". "direction, can only do the function output of the half-wave function regulator.

3 , three-axis switch:

For a green boat button, the word “Horizontal” ( XZ axis) “Vertical” ( Y axis) is printed at the top , press “Vertical” for vertical output, and press “Horizontal” for horizontal output.

4 , fine-tune the amplitude modulation adjustment:

It is a black circular adjustment knob with a tick mark indicating the position of the knob above, clockwise rotation to adjust the large amplitude, and vice versa.

5 , function adjustment controller:

It is the center of the work center. The structure and operation of different models are different. See the corresponding operation settings for details.

6 , power outlet:

In the rear of the control box, a three-core flat socket with insurance, formerly a current fuse holder.

7 , impact function:

Using an aeronautical joint seat with a four-core hole, when the impact function is selected, the wave type is output to the full wave, and the vertical and horizontal platform faces can be connected, and then the amplitude can be adjusted by the amplitude adjustment.

8 , vertical output:

The use of a four-core aviation joint seat, when the wave type selection to the "full wave" and the three-axis switch hit the vertical direction when there is output, corresponding to the back of the control box connected vertical machine vertical output.

9 , horizontal output:

In the rear of the control box, there is a four-core aviation abutment type selection wave direction “full wave”, and when the three axis switch is selected as the horizontal direction, there is an output corresponding to the horizontal output port of the water receiving platform machine.

10 , vibration tester 485 communication port:

With 485 communication interface, output is available only in models equipped with computer operation.

Attachment: formula for seeking thrust ( F )

F = ( m0+m1+m2+ ...) A .............................. formula ( 1 )

In the formula: F - thrust (excitation force) ( N )

M0 — Effective mass of the moving part of the vibration tester ( kg )

M1 - auxiliary table mass ( kg )

M2 —mass ( kg ) of specimen (including fixtures, mounting screws)

A—   Test acceleration ( m/s2 )

What is the operation of the vibration tester console? Through the above introduction, I believe we have more understanding of the vibration testing machine, if you need additional information, please contact us. Dongguan Haida will serve you wholeheartedly.

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