What is the construction of the plastic track and field venue block paving?

Due to factors such as on-site transportation conditions and difficulty in controlling the construction level, paving can be performed using the block method. The method is on the ground, first according to the width of the runway, each set of two runways to draw a line, according to the line nailed wooden slats, slats size of 12mmx50mmx1500mm, wrapped in plastic film, nailed to the grassroots level, each board No less than two nails. After mixing the mixed solution to the site, pour it between the two wooden slats. Immediately use a squeegee to spread the plastic mixture well and spread out. The length of the wooden squeegee is larger than the spacing between the two slats. The board is walking on a wooden board. See picture.


Scraper for wood scraper

1—Wood scraper; 2—Wood strips; 3—Asphalt concrete base; L=Two runway widths

In field competition venues, paving can be carried out using block method according to competition items, such as long-distance runway, high jump zone, pole vault zone, and runway. After each paving, at least 24h, the planks can be lifted out, cleaned and used continuously.

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