[Washing wardrobe door size] What is the size of the wardrobe swing door?

[China Wardrobe] [Difficulties] Nowadays, many furniture products are becoming more novel, smarter and more humane. Take the wardrobe and say goodbye to the wardrobe with the heavy wooden structure. It is now convenient and light. The wardrobe is up, so everyone can look at the most common wardrobes that are used now. In my opinion, the flat sliding door is very common. So, what is the size of the closet door?

[Question] What is the size of the closet door?

Wardrobe swing door

【Best answer】

First, the swing door is not the same as the previous sliding door, which not only saves space, but also becomes very convenient. Sliding doors are indeed very space-consuming in ordinary homes, especially in the bedroom, it is very inconvenient to organize things.

Secondly, the flat push door is more material-saving than other wardrobes, and it also saves more expenses. It is also a good choice for budget-conscious housewives.

Thirdly, the swing door has become more intelligent. Nowadays, it is not only a manual swing door, but also a fully automatic swing door wardrobe. It is very smart and very convenient. This is also a highlight.

So how big is the size of the closet door? In fact, it can be calculated according to the size of the family bedroom. The width is usually 46CM to 50CM, and the height of the swing door is about 2000mm. This is the general size. Sometimes it's too big, too small or too bad. The grasp of this size is really important.

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