Wardrobe promotion "war" will start the enterprise preparation needs to do enough

Wardrobe promotion "war" will start

Every year in September and October, it is often referred to as the “Golden September and Silver 10” in the home building materials industry. All merchants have already prepared for the promotion war to meet this full-year sales season. This year, the overall situation of the wardrobe industry is gratifying, and the golden season has become another opportunity for the sales high point of many wardrobe businesses. With the approach of September this year, the wardrobe enterprises are also fully prepared for "pre-war".

Clearly positioned for holiday promotion purposes

When many wardrobe enterprises are promoting, the purpose of the activities is not very clear, and they are often activities for activities, especially in the strategies of many small and medium-sized enterprises, so we are at different times, different channels, and different. The promotion of products must have a clear purpose, is it to enhance the brand, or to promote sales? Is it to crack down on competing products, or to promote new products? Is it to improve the market-to-market rate or to adjust the product structure? But let’s talk about it. For the small and medium-sized brand holiday promotion, the purpose should also be very clear - in order to promote the sales of wardrobe products, and at the same time promote the brand reputation and popularity, to achieve both sales and brand promotion.

Promotion time node selection is very important

During the holiday period, all terminal resources are in short supply, which leads to Luoyang paper expensive. The cost of a schedule is as high as tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. Without sufficient financial strength, profit margin and sales volume as a guarantee, the general wardrobe enterprises are difficult to sustain. In fact, small and medium-sized wardrobe enterprises can make a time difference, and arrange promotions in the first file of the holiday schedule. The cost is not high, and it can stimulate consumers who buy in advance, at least at the end of the activity schedule, a small consumption will be formed. tide. Or simply put it in the last file of holiday consumption. At this time, after a fierce battle, most companies will breathe a sigh of relief, terminal resources will basically be vacant, and they can also catch the last bus for holiday consumption.

The way to promote products should be chosen properly

During the holiday period, the product promotion methods will be various, such as buying, sending, buying, lottery, picking up, and purchasing, of course, the most direct product discount. In fact, for the products of small and medium-sized wardrobe enterprises, it is necessary to set the promotion method according to the selling point and characteristics of the products. The purpose is only one, which can attract consumers and reach a transaction in the shortest time. Due to the fierce competition of merchants during the holidays, product discounts are the most direct, most effective, and easiest way to promote purchases. This saves the terminal's other publicity expenses and makes it easy to attract consumers at a price. Of course, other methods are not undesirable.

Integrate terminal resources for promotional services

In order to avoid similar competition and disperse purchasing power, highlighting the characteristics of its own products or price advantages, before the event, it is necessary for the wardrobe enterprises to establish a good customer relationship with the relevant person in charge of the supermarket, and to learn some promotion of competing products through the retail terminal. Dynamic and related information, such as: What time period is the active time of the competitive product? Is the promotional item a certain? What is the promotion method? What is the price discount? Is there any staff to support the promotion? With the help of the person in charge, the best display position for the same cost, the increase in the order quantity of the store during the event, and the avoidance of the out of stock during the event.

Integrate customer resources to make terminal promotions

In the early stage of the event, it is necessary to integrate the resources of the customers, and achieve the tacit understanding of the promotion and promotion with the customers. It is possible to achieve the promotion effect because most of the customers are not operating a brand, and the customers are subject to terminal resources and sales. The impact of factors such as profit and capital is a choice in making holiday promotions. Therefore, companies should make preparations in advance and communicate with customers in advance on some details of the activities, such as what kind of publicity effect the event can bring, how much sales increase, and what kind of guarantees the customer's profit has, so as to attract customers' attention. Allow customers to stock up in advance, and enable the company's payment to be recovered in a timely manner.

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