Unexpectedly, do n’t let the glass at home become a threat

After reading it, does it hurt?

After reading this micro-blog, President Wu was also sighing, so as to give you a reminder, where the money can not be saved, not afraid of 10,000.

What the tempered glass looks like after being broken (damage value will be lower)

What ordinary glass looks like when broken!

Ordinary glass is broken into pieces after being exploded or impacted. It is very lethal. For safety reasons, please use safe tempered glass.

I believe there is a lot of knowledge about tempered glass on Baidu, then I will talk about where we will use tempered glass.

Shower room (in addition to tempered glass, the shower room also needs explosion-proof function)

Balcony window

Sun Room

Glass sliding door

Of course, the use of tempered glass as the soundproof wall is also good. The meeting room partitioned by tempered glass is also becoming more and more popular.

Special tip: Tempered glass also explodes

When cutting the glass on the door, it should be reduced by 3mm on each side according to the size of the notch, so that there is a gap between the glass and the notch to meet the needs of deformation. When installing glass, it should be filled with elastic materials (such as putty, rubber strips, sealants, etc.) to isolate the glass from the door leaf notch and groove bottom, and be in a resiliently fixed state to avoid collision caused by glass breakage. Before tempering, tempered glass should be edged, chamfered and chamfered in advance, because the end and edge of tempered glass have poor resistance to external forces. After the tempered glass after edging, chamfering and chamfering is installed on the door leaf , Can prevent a certain point of the glass edge from being crushed by rigid extrusion, and can reduce the phenomenon of self-explosion.

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