Ultrasonic extraction emulsifier / emulsion tank

The country exclusively uses digital frequency sweeping technology, and the low frequency 10HZ-160HZ has a total of 16 files. Many customers need dual-frequency and multi-frequency technology, but the conversion efficiency of dual-frequency and multi-frequency ultrasonic transducers is extremely low. Our company's unique digital frequency sweeping technology not only ensures the conversion efficiency of the ultrasonic transducer, but also adjusts the particle size and strength of the liquid molecules. Enable single-frequency ultrasonic equipment to achieve dual-frequency or multi-frequency effects. The scope of application has been greatly improved. After a large number of college customers use the feedback, the effect is extremely high.

Flat Pack Tissue

We are professional manufacturer, which is established in 2005 and focus on export business to Euope, USA and Australia.

We specialized in producing various kinds of tissue products, including Family Box Tissue, Cube Box Tissue, Cylider car tissue, Mansize Box Tissue, Soft Pack tissue and flat pack tissue etc.

We provide customized service. We can make box at any size and shape as well as tissue size.

We supply different kinds of materials for flat pack tissue, like Virgin wood pulp, Recycled Pulp, Bamboo Pulp (Tree free).

The Material that we used are 100% biodegradable and compostable, Chlorine free and reach European food contact grade standard.

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