Toilet installation: accurate in place to use with confidence

        Toilets, commonly known as toilets, have become the mainstream of many home bathroom renovations due to their human design . Everyone should be concerned about the experience. If the toilet is not installed properly, it will be prone to blockages and other annoying situations in the future. Therefore, in order to have a more comfortable experience, it is necessary to purchase a quality toilet. In addition to the product, the installation of the toilet bowl should also be strictly controlled. Next, let's take a look at the knowledge about toilet installation.

First, before installing the toilet, you should first check the sewage pipe thoroughly, check whether there are mud and sand, waste paper and other debris in the pipe, and clean the pipe around. In addition, check the level of the floor of the toilet seat. If the floor is not flat, level the floor before installation.

Second, align the outlet pipe of the toilet with the lower water pipe, then level it, and mark it at the hole of the toilet bolt, then remove the toilet.


Third, at the mark, make a hole with a diameter of 20mm and a depth of 60mm. Insert a bolt with a diameter of 10mm into the hole, firmly fix it with cement, and then place the toilet seat on the bolt to make it fit smoothly with the mark. Then remove the toilet.

Fourth, put the putty around the water outlet and the lower water pipe of the toilet, then align the four bolt holes of the toilet with the bolts, and then level the alignment. Remember to put the rubber pad on the bolt and screw the nut.

Fifth, align the center of the rear end of the toilet, draw a vertical line, draw a horizontal line at a height of about 800 mm from the ground, mark the horizontal line according to the position of the two side holes on the back of the tank, at the mark hole A hole with a diameter of 30 mm and a depth of 70 mm was drilled, and then a bolt having a diameter of 10 mm and a length of 100 mm was inserted into the hole and cemented.


Sixth, hang the back water tank on the bolt and level it. Make sure to align with the center of the toilet. The bolt should be padded with rubber pad and screwed on the nut.

Seventh, when installing the water tank elbow, the nuts of the water tank inlet and the toilet inlet should be removed first, respectively, on the water elbow, and the rubber mat should also be placed on the sewer. Insert the upper end of the sewer elbow into the drain of the back tank, insert the lower end into the water inlet of the toilet bowl, push the rubber pad to the nozzle, and screw the nut.

Eighth, install the water tank fittings, first drain the pipeline for 3-5 minutes, then install the angle valve, connect the hose, and connect the hose with the installed water tank fitting inlet valve, and then press the water source.

Ninth, after the installation is completed, the commissioning inspection should be carried out to check whether the water inlet and sealing of the inlet valve are normal, and whether the installation position of the drain valve is flexible. Once you find a problem, you should immediately identify the cause and fix it.

Tenth, after the toilet is installed, it should wait until the glass glue or cement slurry is completely cured before it can be put into use. It cannot be used within three days after the general installation.

Whether the toilet is installed properly or not directly affects the use of the residents in the future. Once a problem arises, it is not only horrible, but the maintenance process is also complicated. Therefore, the owners should not be careless when installing the toilet, they must be strictly checked and pro-test results.

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