Tire mold cleaning

         When the challenge of cleaning tire molds arises, CleanLASER already has a superior solution – from hand-held to fully automatic laser cleaning systems. Handheld lasers are very flexible and can quickly clean complex surfaces when needed. The fully automatic laser cleaning system can clean a large number of disassembled mold assemblies accurately, quickly, safely, and at low cost, including flip molds, mold parts, sidewalls, and curl rings.
         Laser cleaning extends mold life. The operation removes dirt and debris from sensitive surfaces without any wear or kinetic damage from blast cleaning. In addition, laser cleaning does not cause debris to enter the micro-nozzle (such as Tillmann or European version) and can be safely used in molds with spring-type vents.

Product advantages:
● No medium needed - saves the cost of dry ice or blasted abrasives
● Does not damage the mold - extend the service life
● does not damage the mold with a pipe nozzle
● Both hot and cold molds can be cleaned - no preheating required
● Easy to operate
● Use safety
● Green – No secondary pollutants produced
● Flexible operation for molds with complex design and geometric surface
● Very low cleaning costs
● Precise, gentle, no noise
● The system is compact in design and does not occupy factory space
● Can wash the mold in as little as 30 minutes (depending on mold specifications and contamination)
● High reliability
● almost no maintenance
● Suitable for a variety of factory cleaning applications
        Together with our partner kedtek , we also provide very advantageous tire mold cleaning services.

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