The two contradictions of the cap opening and sealing need to be solved

Bottle caps, we have analyzed it from the perspective of designers and manufacturers. Now we look at the caps from the consumer's point of view. Consumers will care about the bottle caps. When they are questioned, they judge one. The bottle cap is the key to good or bad?

First of all, the sealing performance of bottle caps is of the greatest concern to consumers. This is the main function and use of the bottle cap. If a bottle cap does not seal well, it will directly affect the quality of the packaged product, affecting people's lives and health. Therefore, a qualified bottle cap must first meet the sealing performance.

Second, the opening of the bottle cap is convenient. We all know that the sealability and convenience of opening are two contradictory aspects. Therefore, there are some inconvenient opening problems in some well-sealed bottle caps on the market. Some people were injured in order to open their caps and even teeth, their eyes were injured, and various injuries caused by the closure of the caps often occurred. Therefore, it is very important to improve the convenience of cap opening.

This is just two points that consumers are very concerned about in the production and design of bottle caps. Of course, there are many other factors. We will analyze them one by one in the future.

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