The “Top Ten Brands” in the furniture industry are suspected of fraud

The “Top Ten Brands” rating has become a competition for money among many furniture companies, not an overall assessment of quality and service. According to reports, the current "Top Ten" rankings have a lot of water, mostly using money to buy rankings.

The “Top Ten Brands” in the furniture industry are suspected of fraud

When you buy furniture, will you pay special attention to the banner of "Top Ten Brands"?

Almost every business encountered has been promoted like this: “Our floor is China's top ten brands”, “Our sofa (sofa decoration renderings) is one of the top ten brands in the industry”, quite a lot.

There are many “top ten brands”. No matter what furniture you sell, you are advertised as one of the top ten brands.

Now, according to industry insiders, "As long as you give money, in fact, you can evaluate the 'Top Ten Brands'." For example, some companies have just rated the "Top Ten Brands" and have closed down within a few years.

There is also one that has won several “Top Ten Brands” and was exposed to excessive formaldehyde in the past year.

A website that claims to be the “first portal of the industry” has been organizing the “Top Ten Brands” in the flooring industry for five consecutive years. A “Top Ten Service Specialist” on the website told the reporter: “The selection will definitely give priority to customers who cooperate with us.”

According to the staff's tips, the website partner customers are divided into senior VIP members and strategic VIP members, with an annual fee of 6,800 yuan and 18,000 yuan respectively.

The “Top Ten Brands” chaos is not only in the home building industry. Milk powder, clothing, home appliances, cars, etc. are also shining under the aura of the “Top Ten Brands”.

There is another news, which is also related to the brand. The results of the “Asian Brand Loyalty Survey” were released. The survey showed that the top 10 brands in the minds of Japanese people are the opposite of Japanese brands. The top 10 brands in the minds of Chinese people are foreign brands.

Let the fake brand be punished, make a brand that is truly respected and recognized, no, just rely on the law of the jungle. When the "Top Ten Brands" became the dog's skin plaster of the Ming rules, I would like to ask, why is market supervision indulged?

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