The rise in wooden door prices is bound to make the competition of medium and high-end products more intense

In response to the price war phenomenon, some industry insiders pointed out that it is irrational and unscientific to guide consumers to purchase products from a single price level.

Nowadays, the price of wooden door industry has risen, which continually jeopardizes the middle and low-end wooden door enterprises that survive on the edge of profit and loss. The low-end products will flood into the mid-range product series because of the price increase. The price increase of mid-range products will flood into the high-end product series, which will inevitably lead to high-end products. Part of the price of the product is more competitive.

Faced with the pressure of competition, many wooden door companies began to miss the period of rapid economic development in China. As long as they are doing production or sales, they can easily realize the profitability and rapid accumulation of enterprises. In the current market situation, everything needs to be done right, and It is possible to succeed in investing all the money, and how to avoid failure becomes a matter of great significance.

At the same time, many companies and sales companies believe that price hikes are related to the whole industry and have nothing to do with themselves. However, we believe that selling the high-end products and obtaining the best market share is not because the competitors are weak, but How strong is the comprehensive ability of the company itself.

With the further intensification of competition in the terminal market, many small and medium-sized wooden door manufacturers are experiencing painful market tests and sufferings: smaller wooden door enterprises are increasingly unable to operate and manage their products; sales front-line sales personnel are like soldiers who are charged in the battlefield. There are always a variety of problems that no one can solve; the old customer development and management methods are gradually failing, and the needs of customers become more difficult to ponder.

As a manufacturer's point of view, how to creatively assist the channel to solve many problems facing the upstream and downstream, how to go deeper to help the terminal to grow, how to really help the brand to better stand in the terminal, how to face more competition in the future The strategic arrangement and response plan in advance is a major event concerning the development of wooden doors.

No one can deny that the quality and ability of sales personnel are directly related to the sales situation. Without changing any sales expenses, only changing the thinking and methods of sales personnel can quickly increase the sales success rate. Wooden door enterprises may wish to directly Start. Specifically, you can train the sales people who fight in the front line from the following aspects:

Look at every customer, opportunity, demand, product and trend with a business mindset, discover and extend every detail, and get sales opportunities at this stage and in the future.

From the dual perspectives of theory and practice, we deconstruct the whole process of sales, and find that the law of achieving sales matching is achieved through full preparation.

Through the scientific sales method, the sales concept of “heavy practice, light theory” of traditional sales is changed.

Assist companies and sales companies to build a truly complete marketing practice system, create a truly intelligent learning execution team, and continue to improve the team.

Provide technical support for the dissemination of terminals of enterprise products, enhance the brand awareness through the spread of people and continue the depth of brand communication in the terminal.

As the quality of life gets more and more attention, more and more new techniques are applied to wooden doors than traditional wooden doors. Enterprises need to strengthen their own cultivation and improve their work in terms of products, technology and talents. For example, the current consumption concept is more and more rational, and the products needed for production are the premise of sales growth. The powerful enterprises are more attractive to talents, so that they can surpass other enterprises in terms of products and brands. The market is standing still.

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