The best faucet to buy standard which faucet product is good

The faucet is a kind of sanitary ware that we use every day. Its small shape brings us great convenience. What kind of faucet is better? Next, let's take a look at the purchase criteria of the best faucet ?

The best faucet, purchase standard 1. Appearance : bright, no bubbles, no defects, no scratches are qualified standards. Ordinary imported faucets have more than 10 microns of coating, the purpose is to prevent rust, beautiful, and ensure the use period. Some experts have revealed that when you tap on the surface of the faucet with your finger when selecting, the fingerprint will quickly disperse, indicating that the coating is good; the more the fingerprint is printed, the worse it will be. After choosing the appearance, you should also try the feel of the faucet, whether the switch is smooth, and the large amplitude of the upper and lower left and right switches can adjust the water temperature steadily. Generally, it is 30 degrees up and down, and 90 degrees is the best. However, it should be noted that the lightness of the faucet does not mean a good feel.

The best faucet, purchase standard 2. Spool material : Most of the built-in spool types of faucets on the market currently use steel ball valves and ceramic valves. Steel ball valves are known for their solid and durable steel balls and tenacious pressure resistance. Become the leader of a new generation of spool, the disadvantage is that the rubber ring that acts as a seal is easy to wear and will soon age. The ceramic valve itself has good sealing performance, and the faucet with a ceramic valve core is more comfortable and smooth in feel. The faucet is made of copper as the top grade, and copper has the function of sterilization and disinfection. But the quality of copper is difficult for consumers to identify, and the best way is to buy brand products with a certain reputation.

The best faucet, purchase standard 3. Water saving : The water flow rate of the water saving effluent is kept at 8.3 liters / minute, which can achieve the purpose of water saving. In addition, some faucets have a honeycomb-shaped flow restrictor, which not only allows water to flow out in a foam shape, limiting the flow rate, but also makes the user feel that the water flow is softer and feels full of water.

The best faucet, purchase standard 4. Durability : whether the durable faucet is durable, the surface treatment process is very important, a good faucet is subjected to an acidic high temperature test, and it is intact for more than 4 hours. In addition, due to the reasonable internal structure, a good faucet is not likely to happen. Drips and damage can be manipulated freely after hundreds of thousands of switches.

The best faucet, purchase standard 5, humanization : humanization With the continuous improvement of kitchen faucet production technology, product design has become more and more humanized. For those who have large kitchen space, are used to cleaning directly with water, prefer to use spraying methods, and enjoy the fun of innovation, there are also 360-degree rotating, pull-out spray nozzles, direct / nozzle conversion, and more flexible shapes on the market Changed products.

The best faucet, purchase standard 6. Price : The general price of imported products is between 500 yuan and 3,000 yuan, the joint venture is around 1,000 yuan, and the domestic ones are relatively cheap, basically between 200 yuan and 500 yuan.

The above is the best purchase content of the faucet . I hope to help you. More decoration information is available on this website, so stay tuned.

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