Technical advantages of BOPP laser holographic anti-counterfeit shrink film

BOPP laser holographic anti-counterfeit shrink film is the most eye-catching one among all kinds of new cigarette film products. It has been actively adopted by the tobacco, food, medicine and audio-visual products industries at home and abroad soon after its introduction, and has won wide acclaim from the packaging industry and anti-counterfeiting industry.

BOPP laser holographic anti-counterfeit shrink film, which combines multi-layer co-extruded BOPP film-making technology and wide-format laser holographic plate-making and molding technology, achieves anti-counterfeiting purpose by making non-destructive anti-counterfeit marks on BOPP film that are easy for consumers to identify.

For anti-counterfeiting technology, a successful and ideal anti-counterfeiting technology should be a unique, non-destructive technology that is difficult to counterfeit but easy to identify. BOPP laser holographic anti-counterfeit shrink film was born based on this concept. The product has multi-layer anti-counterfeiting technology protection, and at the same time, the anti-counterfeiting icon is easy to identify, and the mark is clearly visible, at a glance. The main anti-counterfeiting points are:

1. Using exclusive patented technology to make a new breakthrough in traditional BOPP raw materials, production equipment and processes, specially developed a BOPP substrate film suitable for wide molding;

2. The exclusive patented wide molding technology ensures the molding feasibility of high gloss transparent shrinkable cigarette film;

3. The holographic encrypted information or dark lines can be placed in the holographic image according to customer needs, and equipped with special laser decoding equipment for identification, which greatly enhances the security of the product;

4. A combination of gloss and transparent appearance of holographic molded products and high shrinkage characteristics;

5. All waste, residual and defective products generated during processing are granulated and recycled, which not only prevents waste products from flowing into the market, but also reduces product production costs. The BOPP laser holographic anti-counterfeit shrink film combined with multiple high-difficulty technologies has: multiple chain protection and uniqueness; concealment and non-reproducibility of encryption form; fine resolution and unity; simple and definite testability, and has the ability to maintain itself The exclusive condition of anti-counterfeiting features, the anti-counterfeiting level is greatly improved compared with traditional products.

BOPP laser holographic anti-counterfeit shrink film also has the following advantages:

1. No equipment modification, can be used on the machine;

2. Has all the advantages inherent in high-gloss shrink film for cigarettes;

3. It has high shrinkage characteristics and enhances the appearance of cigarette packs;

4. The holographic layer gives the smoke film better antistatic, anti-blocking characteristics and adaptability to the machine;

5. Resistance to ink erosion, high ability to block water vapor, carbon dioxide, etc., to maintain the inherent aroma of the packaged object, and extend the shelf life of the packaged object;

6. Other anti-counterfeiting methods that are not easy for consumers to identify can be reduced, which greatly saves the cost of anti-counterfeiting;

7. Recyclable and reusable, the comprehensive cost advantage is obvious;

8. Completely green and environmentally friendly.

BOPP laser holographic anti-counterfeit shrink film due to its unique anti-counterfeiting methods and significant advantages, soon won a number of laurels on the market, it is not only a national torch plan project product, but also an anti-counterfeiting product reviewed by the China National Defense Industry Association, and also rated as Chinese anti-counterfeit and fidelity products ".

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