Sweat the gym to spend money on health

With the gradual improvement of people’s living standards, the awareness of national fitness is getting stronger, and the concept of healthy life is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. “Spending money on buying health” has been accepted by more and more people. Ten years ago, the white-collar workers' 10,000-dollar fitness card was more of a show of identity. Nowadays, joining a health club for its own healthy and rational investment has become part of everyday life for many people.

To raise the national fitness level to the national strategic level, we need to grasp the big data of participants in the national fitness program and we must constantly update it. Jinhua, director of the Human Resources Development Center of the State Sport General Administration, made a keynote speech at the 2014 China National Professional Fitness Coach Professional Conference at the end of last year. From the dual perspectives of fitness members and fitness instructors, the first China Fitness Coach Professional Development Report was disclosed. 2206 effective samples were collected from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Zhengzhou and Chengdu. The reporter interviewed health club members and professional fitness coaches at random in Beijing and also verified that the report had a strong degree of confidence.

Consumer fitness motivation

Fitness motivation is supplemented by social motivation

Health clubs of all sizes in the country have mushroomed. The gym opened to the office and opened to the door. Aerobic exercises, muscle-building and other projects have been widely developed. After ten years of fermentation, fitness clubs continue to derive a variety of new fitness projects. There are also different motivations for fitness people to walk into the gym.

Dr. Liu Jie from Tsinghua University in her 50s, initially entered the gym because of her old body, and she has never stopped working since 2005. Now she is in shape and bodybuilding, looks like she is in her 40s, is full of energy and feels young. The 27-year-old white-collar worker Miss Ma has a lot of work pressure, poor exercise and poor sleep, 3,500 yuan bought a fitness card at the door, and the treadmill plus swimming, the physical condition improved significantly in two months. Ms. Wen, a 40-year-old Beijing mediaperson, had a good weather when she ran for a few kilometers in the open air. She entered the gym on a hazy day and continued to maintain good fitness.

The survey showed that 65% of the bodybuilders are for physical fitness purposes. Other motivations include shaping body shape, lowering fat, reducing weight, reducing stress, and making friends. The pattern of professional fitness motivation and social motivation supplemented the formation. This is in line with the overall unsatisfactory fitness profile of the fitness members.

According to the survey data, the sub-healthy members of the membership are often fatigued and have poor physical fitness. Those who are not competent are 56.07% and 16.37%, respectively, and the sum of them is close to 80%. Only 27.56 fitness members feel very healthy and energetic. However, after the gym members walked into the gym, quite a lot of people lacked knowledge in science and fitness. Only 10% of them were very familiar with bodybuilding knowledge, and 3% were very unfamiliar. Others knew little about it. "This situation has to do with the development of information in the Internet age. Fitness people get more or less fitness knowledge from the Internet, but they are not systematic." Dalong Long, senior fitness coach of the Chinese Fitness Association said, "Some members, some fitness There are more knowledge than coaches, but they lack the accumulation of their own experience."

The survey found that the high-income members' fitness motivation and stress relief ranked first, and the enhancement of physical fitness fell into the last motivation factor. More than one year's old members accounted for 40% of the motivation to relieve stress and make friends. We found that the first goal of entering the gym is to keep fit, and to expand socialization to relieve stress.

Fitness coach chooses career for interest

Fitness strong motivation membership satisfaction is relatively higher

Health clubs are booming, and fitness coaching career also came into being. Luo Jun, director of the Management Department of the Vocational Skills Appraisal and Guidance Center of the State Sport General Administration, told reporters that since 2008, more than 14,000 people have obtained national qualification certificates for fitness coaches. In 2014, more than 15,000 people applied for certification exams, and 7000 Many people pass the exam, the passing rate of certification is about 50-55%, fitness coach professional certification is not mandatory, but for regulating the fitness industry, enhance the role of the coach's professional ability, has been generally recognized by the market employers.

Since most fitness members know little about the level of scientific fitness, there should be great demand for professional professional fitness coaches, but why not hire one-on-one professional coaches?

According to the survey, 33% of the members hired private fitness coaches, and 67% did not choose fitness coaches. The main factor of not hiring a fitness instructor is that the cost is too high, accounting for 35%. 11% of the members have ever chosen the coach and think that the effect is general. Some people think that they know about science and fitness. There is no need to ask the coach. The coach’s awareness is not required. 16% and 25% respectively did not understand mistrust.

Is our career coach not good enough? The survey found that China's current fitness coach professional service standards compliance rate reached 80%, satisfaction evaluation score 87.48. In particular, members who use fitness as their professional purpose have a higher degree of satisfaction. Once a member hires a coach to accompany the instructor, the willingness to renew the coaching course is still quite strong. 83.84% of the students will choose to renew, and only 16% will not renew. The proportion of re-invented coaching courses was followed by lipid-lowering diets, stress relief, physical enhancement, and shaping.

Self-evaluation of fitness instructors is at a satisfactory level, and fitness instructors are divided into elementary, intermediate, advanced, and instructors. The higher the level of coaching, the higher the degree of job satisfaction and income, and the proportional relationship. The main reason why fitness coaches choose this profession is that they are interested in fitness and the proportion reaches 91.65%. This shows that fitness coaches love posts and the team is stable. Only 12% and 10% of freelance pay and work hours are free.

Senior fitness coach Dalong told reporters, "The fitness coach is actually very hard. According to the needs of members, the work week is very full, and one-week weekend is a luxury." But the coach of the industry coach for 8 years has quite a professional achievement for the fitness coach. Feeling, "My own healthy life, but also to help members of healthy life, very happy." "More and more friends, classmates often consult me ​​about fitness expertise, more and more friends, my little universe burning happily!"

Coach is the carrier of service output

Intense competition in the industry How to "live" is the issue

The fitness industry has grown rapidly in China, the rapid development of urbanization and the people’s quest for health and high quality of life have continued to escalate. The rapid expansion in the past 10 years has resulted in a huge market for the fitness industry. However, it is not easy to eat this big cake. In Beijing, Shanghai, and other first-tier cities such as Shenzhen, the competition between health clubs has been fierce, and there have been occasional news reports on the closing of clubs.

Ms. Fu Xiaohong, Marketing Director of China Bodybuilding Management Co., Ltd., said: “In some bustling business districts in Beijing, there are usually several fitness centers within two or three kilometers. While the hardware and software facilities are basically the same, the homogenization of competition is also a phenomenon. It is becoming more and more serious, the price war is fierce, and the level of profitability is deeply affected by this. Like the establishment of a Chinese company, it has opened dozens of gymnasiums throughout the country, and the fitness clubs that rank among the top three in the country are also feeling competitive pressures. Face the competition, we are 'alive'." How to live better? Ms. Fu said that we should not only meet the basic needs of our members, but also need to provide personalized and differentiated services, and strive to achieve quality services.

The fitness instructor stands at the forefront of the industry. The fitness coach is the carrier of the club's output service. The fitness coach directly faces the user. The competition among the clubs is reflected in the competition of the fitness coach to some extent. The knowledge of the fitness industry is updated quickly, and fitness instructors need to continuously improve their professional qualities so that they can tell students in a timely manner what they have updated and help them achieve their goals faster. Only by increasing the internal management level of the club can we provide personalized services so that we can attract more members instead of losing members. How to increase customer awareness of the value of fitness coaches is a new topic for fitness clubs to improve their management. Dalong and Dr. Liu Jie agreed in the interview that there is still a gap between China's fitness coaches and the international advanced level, and they need constant learning and improvement. It is the best coach that can explore the fitness curriculum that suits China's national conditions.

As a sunrise service industry, public fitness has a promising future. Some experts analyze that in the future, the Chinese fitness market will shift from a single experience management type to a professional and technical management type. It will be able to focus on customer needs, design related service projects, and provide more professional and personalized health clubs that will compete. To win, the chain operation will further become the mainstream of the fitness market.

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