Source and characteristics of boat wood furniture

The so-called ship wood furniture is because the wood itself is removed from the ship. They are the hulls of some shipwrecks, some of which have been sleeping at the bottom of the water for decades or even centuries, and then they are dismantled and dismantled. The materials of these hulls are known as boat wood. It is not that this kind of wood is called "boat wood." Therefore, it is called "boat wood". These ships are all high-quality hardwoods, many of which are "Kundian Wood". The furniture fans below explain in detail the materials and features of the boat wood furniture.

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Ship wood furniture material source

Ancient ship wood furniture is taken from the old wooden boat because of the raw materials. These ships are relatively old, generally more than 60 years old, and are more common in hundreds of years. The old ship's ship wood is a non-renewable resource, and the material is extremely difficult to obtain. Good old ship wood is unavoidable, so it is destined to be unable to achieve mass production. In recent years, as the market gradually realizes the value of ship wood furniture, ship wood furniture The value of the collection is gradually reflected. It is also loved and sought after as a craftsman in the field of solid wood furniture by discerning collectors. After several decades of soaking in the sea water, the waves have been washed many times. Yufa is tough and wear-resistant, has a strong sense of vicissitudes, and has both waterproof and insect-proof effects. And the ship wood generally uses relatively high-quality hardwood, so the solid wood furniture made of wood is not only strong, but also waterproof and fireproof, and gives meaning to evil spirits and auspiciousness. Ship wood furniture has a very high collection value.

Ancient ship wood can withstand the erosion of seawater and sea breeze for dozens or even hundreds of years, and it has a lot to do with it. There are many kinds of tree species used by the ancients as large seagoing vessels, most of which are high-quality tree species with high density, hardness, oiliness or waxiness, mainly including Kundian, Tokyo, teak, eucalyptus, pineapple, and iron pear. In addition, the seagoing vessel itself is large in size, so it is generally a log that has been growing for more than 100 years, with an average diameter of 6 meters and a height of more than 50 meters.

Despite this, the retired ancient ship wood has been unrecognizable, terrible, full of mottled rust, need to be dried, cleaned, dried and other special processes, polished and modified before it can be used as furniture.

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The reason why boat wood furniture is liked

Ancient ship wood is generally made of fine hardwood, mainly including ironwood, scutellaria, eucalyptus, quaint wood, sandalwood, teak, huanghuali, etc. After soaking in the sea for decades, the waves are washed away numerous times. The solid wood furniture created by this kind of wood is endowed with the meaning of evil spirits and auspiciousness. Ship wood furniture has a very high collection value.

People love boat wood with special textures and colors, such as those with black blocks that have been burnt, and large and small holes that are irregularly distributed because they are naturally formed. After the nails are oxidized by long-term immersion in seawater, the rust spots formed will continue to penetrate into the wood, forming a natural and beautiful black texture over time.

The wooden planks that have been removed from the old ships have been soaked through the sea for decades or even hundreds of years. They have long been unrecognizable and are full of mottled rust. The traces of the years passed over it are clearly visible. It can only be said that it is just a piece of rotten wood thrown on the street, no one wants to pick it up, a piece of dead wood.

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However, after the skill of the ingenious master, the dead wood went to its dregs, and after the hand-polished decoration, it was realized by the unique designer design and development. It is the maverick representative of the solid wood furniture industry. The word "magical" is used to explain the birth of a handicraft, and the wooden furniture of the ship condenses the efforts and energy of too many people.

Ship wood furniture finishes are painted without the surface of solid wood furniture. This not only maintains the play and highlight of the original material in terms of natural texture and texture, but also maintains the green environmental protection of the product and the affinity of human-wood communication.

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