Soft design professional learning allows quasi-engineering companies to bid farewell to the situation

"Software Design Professional Learning" allows quasi-engineering companies to bid farewell to non-professional embarrassing situations

Build a house? Engage in renovation? The impression that the home improvement engineering company left on the public is nothing more than this. Compared with international home design, there are still many regions in China that still understand the concept of home design in the last century. Although the hard-packed and soft-packed points in many areas are not clear, there is no concept even for the soft-pack design.

Compared with the home furnishing companies that have sprung up in the past two years, the engineering company can be described as a perfect design resource. Home design hard and soft combined better, customers are more willing to rely on the engineering company's design resources.

As we all know, the engineering company's business projects include: interior decoration and design, landscaping, garden engineering, landscaping construction, municipal engineering and so on. With the popularization of the concept of “home design” in most parts of China, the proportion of engineering companies in the design of home design is increasing year by year.

Can engineering companies really make their home designs perfect? Is there any disadvantage that affects this business direction? Mr. Tank, a professional consultant in the design of soft furnishings for Zhonghe Fashion Home Furnishings, believes that the concept of soft clothing is unclear and the unfamiliar product resources are the Achilles heel of engineering companies' home design.

The professionalism of the hard-wearing design, the perfect construction team and the low design cost make the engineering company more able to obtain the favor of customers than the home design company. Like most home design companies, engineering companies' lack of emphasis on soft-pack design has led to the public's failure to implement self-improvement and self-design requirements.

“The hard-wearing design conforms to the soft-pack design”, which is recognized as the “truth” in the international home design circle. However, in the domestic design circle, there are few designers who can connect their design thinking with the international. The engineering company has a complete set of design systems, including outdoor buildings and interior design. The team's ability to collaborate is so strong that it makes its market competitive.

With the overall upgrade of the home design company, the soft-pack design gradually occupied a dominant position in the design, which greatly reduced the market competitiveness of the engineering company. Mr. Tank believes that if an engineering company wants to keep half of the country, it must pay more attention to the design level of soft-pack design. The soft-pack design has become the most crucial step in the home design war. Whether it is a home design company or an engineering company, it is up to the public to comment on who will eventually die.

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