Shangpin natural color wooden door

"The product made by Shangpin is not a simple wooden door, but an artistic sentiment and taste derived from life but higher than life." This is the development vision of Shangpin's wooden door. In the list of the top ten wooden door brands in the Internet in China, is the original wooden door good? The following editor will take you to understand.

Shangpin is one of the core brands of Shandong Xindi Home Decoration Co., Ltd. Shandong Xindi Home Decoration Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. It cooperates with well-known European design companies, adhering to the fashionable and avant-garde minimalist design style, relying on advanced technology and perfect management, drawing on the world's advanced wooden door and window construction essence and carefully creating Classic wooden door. It owns three well-known wooden door brands of "Xindi Jiamei", "Shangpin Natural" and "Luhua".

In the selection of materials, Shangpin's natural wood doors pay attention to the details of material selection and production, and each batch of raw materials is sampled and sent to the National Quality Inspection Center for inspection after entering the factory. Door core material Chinese fir finger joint material, the door core has the advantages of sound insulation, heat insulation, impact resistance, not easy to deform, high flatness and so on.

Technically, Shangpin natural color wooden door has advanced splicing door technology, inlaid color matching technology and carving hollowing technology. In the production process, water-based environmentally friendly glue is used, and advanced technology of high temperature hot pressing is adopted to make the wooden door more textured and bring a comfortable experience to consumers.

Technically, the surface is made of high-grade PU paint, sprayed in a dust-free paint booth, benzene-free, chlorine-free, environmentally friendly, adhesion, flexibility, fullness, wear resistance, etc. are far superior to other types of paint, surface processing The process is three sides and two sides, and the color is cured and cured once, so that the surface of the wooden door can achieve the best effect.

Noble character, with scientific and systematic brand planning, unique brand personality, and profound and wise brand culture, is committed to spreading elegant life experience, romantic life style and unique aesthetic concept, combining art and human settlement perfectly Strive to convey to consumers the environmentally friendly and comfortable home experience. The product made by Shangpin is not a simple wooden door, but an artistic mood and taste derived from life but higher than life. For more information, please pay attention to further understanding.

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