Paper packaging: a summary of the 2010 annual report and the 2011 quarterly report

Demand is still strong and gross margin has fallen. According to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, the paper and paper products industry realized revenue of 916.7 billion yuan, 30.27% year-on-year, total accumulated profit of 52.1 billion yuan, an increase of 42.3% year-on-year, gross profit margin of 13.9%; income from January to March 2011 243.2 billion yuan, an increase of 25.71%, total accumulated profits of 11.8 billion yuan, an increase of 8.27%, the industry average gross profit margin of 13.49%. From a dynamic point of view, the gross profit margin has shown a certain decline. The upstream raw material price trend shows that the base effect may be the dominant factor. It is expected that the gross profit margin of the company with pulp as the main raw material in the second quarter of 2011 is expected to rise slightly year-on-year, using waste paper as raw material. The gross profit margin of the company will increase significantly, and enterprises that use chemical products as raw materials will continue to be under pressure.

The integration of forestry, pulp and paper is the main line of investment in the papermaking sector. China is a country with scarce forest resources. The domestic large and small Xing'an Mountains have stopped the main cutting, the Fujian region has stopped the clear cutting of natural forest coniferous forests and the natural broad-leaved forests. In Russia, Russia has raised timber export tariffs, and timber prices have been rising for a long time. In the foregone conclusion, only enterprises that implement the integration of forestry, pulp and paper can benefit from the increase in paper prices driven by the increase in pulp prices. Integrating the forestry resources and valuation of current listed companies, investors are advised to actively arrange Chenming Paper and Sun Paper. industry.

The trend of waste paper prices is a reflection of the investment opportunities in box-type paper gold. The price of waste paper played a strong trend in 2010. After the Spring Festival, the price showed a weak trend. Unlike the market view, in 2011 and 2012, the recovery of developed countries’ economic growth is expected to fall slightly. The demand is relatively strong; the type of waste paper is further subdivided. Since the waste cardboard is not affected by informationization, the box/corrugated listed company with the US 11# as the main raw material will usher in the golden investment opportunity. Eagle Paper and Jingxing Paper.

Corrugated packaging benefits from increased market concentration. The profitability of the packaging and printing sector is strong, but most of them are restricted by the economic service radius, and the market concentration is low. However, with the promotion of the financial strength of the listed companies in the industry, the national layout is actively carried out, and the corrugated packaging is likely to generate large companies. In the sector, individual stocks are recommended to have a large amount of new capacity, and the national layout has just started, and Mei Yingsen with a higher gross profit margin.

Pay attention to the revaluation of the value of forestry resources. With the promotion of forest tenure reform, the value of forestry is expected to be reassessed, and Yongan Forestry, which has a large forestry resource, is recommended.

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