Outdoor community 8264 enters outdoor sports market

Outdoor Community 8264 Entering Outdoor Sports Products Market Date:2016-03-21 20:28

Home News Online travel into the body .. 8264 outdoor community outdoor sports goods market 2016-03-20 Source: 36 Krypton old outdoor community announced formally enter the 8264 outdoor sports market, the launch of the same name brand outdoor clothing and equipment products, and with the day The cat reached strategic cooperation. The veteran outdoor community 8264 announced its formal entry into the outdoor sports product market. It will launch outdoor apparel and equipment products with the same name and reach a strategic cooperation with Tmall. The 8264 will officially enter Tmall and open the Tmall flagship store. The two parties will conduct in-depth cooperation on outdoor knowledge, outdoor circuits, outdoor sharing, and outdoor equipment sales to create a one-stop outdoor shopping platform.

8264 Founded in 2003, ten years of growth in financing only disclosed the sum of 50 million yuan in 2014, its funds are mainly used for the development of mobile terminal APP from home as an extension of the PC Forum at the mobile side, the outer positioning for outdoor socializing. 8264 currently has over 40 million users, and this, according to the end of 8264 to last year's data, there is cooperation at the inn online resource 400, Club 300, 100 scenic spots.

Are releasing their own brand of equipment, the founder of Yang Wei is the time to think, China's outdoor market is still rapid development, although the fierce competition, but there is enough space for the 8264, 8264 and outdoor sports, outdoor products has a profound understanding, want to do outdoor products is a recognition that 8264 is playing outdoors person wearing the equipment, not just a piece of clothing, platform accumulated tens of millions of users, these outdoor enthusiasts also have products for 8264 trust. And now that there are successful examples in the market, Yang Wei mentioned Xiaomi, and there are more closely related to the 8264 stats.

Compared with the current development of various outdoor forums, there are mainly three types of profit models:

1) Advertising. It is understood that before 2015, 8264 advertising revenue once accounted for 50%. This is the core of the revenue of the PC era forum. The same is true for greenfields and mills. However, in the post-PC era, this lack of closed-loop profit structure is bound to be difficult to sustain;

2) Route transactions. On the outdoor platform, on the one hand, small and medium-sized clubs develop outdoor group products. On the other hand, they are outdoor travelers at the beginning and middle stage. After the launch of 8264, they will also extend to product sales.

3) Equipment E-commerce and sports outdoor equipment consumption is one of the fastest-growing categories in recent years. The number of outdoor outdoor products brands in China has reached more than 1,000, and the entire industry has shipped more than 170 billion yuan. The average growth rate reached 40%. However, in the equipment e-commerce business, in addition to 8264, the mill also launched a tourism product and equipment sales to the treasure, mountain outdoor has recently announced the completion of 18 million yuan A round of investment, in addition, the equipment brand Pathfinder is building a large Sports ecology, after the reverse acquisition of Greenfield also plans to invest 300 million in total to expand the green field online operation platform.

At the end of the day, whether the outdoor is a subdivision of tourism or a subdivision of sports? At least tourism, outdoor sports, and sports have increasingly blurred content boundaries. The concepts of pan-outdoors have also begun to emerge, such as walking and marathon (color running). A project that is both sports and outdoor. In the current outdoor market, it is mainly these forces that divide up in the competition: equipment brands start to embrace the Internet collectively, traditional outdoor forums try to make mobile transformation and commercial realization, and a wave of startup companies want to plough into an outdoor vertical project, OTA. Giants are also trying to blur the boundaries between light outdoor projects and the surrounding travel. However, in general, there are more investment integration actions in the outdoor field and in the industry, and there seems to be no sound of outside capital at the boundary between sports and tourism.

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