Outdoor classroom: teach you how to use toothpaste in outdoor trips

Even though toothpaste is small, there is a magical effect during travel

Toothpaste is a must-have item when you are traveling, because it also has some uses in life in addition to cleaning teeth, which can relieve inconvenience on the road. Do not underestimate the toothpaste, but it has brought a lot of convenience to the trip, do not believe, you see:

1. When there is headache or dizziness during travel, you can apply toothpaste to your temples. Because toothpaste contains menthol and clove oil, it can relieve pain.

2, when the bee stings, you can apply toothpaste on the bite, so you can eliminate redness, because the bee venom is acidic, and the toothpaste is weakly alkaline, acid and alkali neutralization on the detoxification.

3, when the skin is damaged due to trauma, you can apply toothpaste on the wound to reduce inflammation, stop bleeding, and then bandage. As a temporary first aid drug, a toothpaste with a drug has a remarkable effect.

4. When bitten by mosquitoes and insects, itching is unbearable. Just apply toothpaste on the bite to stop itching.

5, cold hands and feet during the journey, there swelling, itching and pain, as long as the frozen site is not broken, the cloth can be stained with toothpaste at the red swelling. Because toothpaste contains ginger oil and peppermint oil, it can help eliminate blood stasis.

Editor: Zhao Hao

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