New pop-up cloakrooms

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] If a cloakroom woman can't refuse it, then it must be a perfect cloakroom with price, material and design. It is necessary to know that women are very considerate when picking things, and they also like to care about it. The cloakroom captures their hearts and is bound to have a certain uniqueness.

Cloakroom design

Large mirrored cloakroom: 360° lets you admire yourself

The large-area mirror that is indispensable in the cloakroom is not only practical, but also a weapon to enhance the temperament!

Fashion cloakroom

Transparent glass cloakroom: meet your fashion dreams

The pure white background with the fabric sofa makes it easy to choose clothes or enjoy fashion shows. It is full of fun and coziness.

Overall cloakroom

Irregular cloakroom: corner corners are used

The jewellery in the white cloakroom is undoubtedly a good highlight, and the matching of the accessories is of course equally important.

Cloakroom design

Rustic cloakroom: Back to the girlhood

The rustic white cloakroom feels the fresh girl's heart of the hostess.

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