Moon cake more than 400 yuan even if the high-end group purchase must rely on a single

Another decade is the Mid-Autumn Festival. The fierce "Mooncake Wars" each year appear to be deserted this year. The reporter investigated and visited a number of supermarkets and moon cake shops and found that this year, moon cake manufacturers not only significantly reduced their advertising, but moon cake boxes tend to be light-weighted and do not spell “luxury” and they have to go “simple”. About 400 yuan moon cake even if high-end, more than 500 yuan price of moon cake has been rare.

After the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection issued regulations concerning prohibiting public funds from sending moon cakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the moon cake market has undergone tremendous shocks. Not only the price of moon cakes encountered “Waterloo”, but also the moon cake orders have become a single, together.

On the 2nd, the reporter went to Shijiazhuang City, Yiyou Department Store Supermarket first floor moon cake sales area, the food area's main channel has placed a variety of different brands and price of moon cakes. The flow of people in the store is like weaving, but there is no warm promotional scene before the Mid-Autumn Festival in previous years, and there are very few customers who have consulted.

Moon cake promotion staff told reporters that moon cake manufacturers generally choose to take the pro-population packaging route, and the moon cakes in luxury packaging are much less. The reporter noted that most of the packaging of moon cakes this year is only one or two layers of simple packaging, and most of the packaging materials are mainly cartons. There is also a slightly "luxury" point of packaging, divided into two layers, due to different manufacturers, the number of moon cakes placed on the upper and lower levels slightly different. Promotional staff also told reporters that this year on the packaging, the manufacturers also introduced a number of small-sized, small moon cakes, the number is also small, mostly 4-6, the price is within 100 yuan.

This year's mid-autumn moon cake market, moon cakes without packaging box accounted for half of the country. The staff of Shijiazhuang Yonghui Supermarket Minxin Plaza told the reporter that “In comparison with previous years, supermarkets have more varieties of bulk moon cakes in this year. Since we have not yet reached the time to buy moon cakes, most of our customers are buying home-made fresh and bulk products. It's more advantageous." It is said that the sales of bulk moon cakes in the supermarket are still good.

Not only is the price of bulk moon cakes cheap, even the price of boxed moon cakes has gone down to the “luxury” stage and has begun to appeal to the people. There are no moon cakes worth more than RMB 1,000 in supermarkets. In addition to a "Rare Royal Salute" 746 yuan / box price slightly higher, the rest are concentrated in the 200-400 yuan. The price of moon cakes is more than 100 yuan this year, and the current relatively high price of the brand is only 498 yuan a box. Similarly, the reporter also saw counters at Daoxiang Village that the price of the moon cakes of the brand is also between 100-300 yuan.

"The most expensive 600 yuan a box in previous years, this year's most expensive only 368 yuan, the price dropped faster than half of children, and now we are more than 400 yuan this belongs to high-grade goods." A Wuyang Crown West Point shop clerk recommended to reporters The two gift boxes for gifts are no more than 300 yuan.

The reporter visited several supermarkets and found that many supermarkets are not only not carrying out large-scale promotions for mooncakes, some supermarkets haven't even made special emphasis on moon cake areas, and some have not even printed pamphlets and flyers, and shopping malls and manufacturers are very calm. .

There is no high-priced luxury moon cake, the price is civilian, and the taste has returned to tradition. The familiar tastes of Wu Ren, Lian Rong and other memories can be tasted by the common people. However, at the same time, the sales volume of moon cake orders began to face a severe test.

"This year's moon cake group buying market is deserted and there are very few orders." Many moon cake sellers said that each year before the Mid-Autumn Festival, the demand for moon cakes this year will be forecasted in advance, the number of raw material purchases will be determined, and production plans will be arranged. However, after the promotion of the hurricane this year, due to the reduction of consumer demand for mooncakes such as high-end gift boxes and business group purchases, it may only be possible to find a breakthrough point in the retail market if sales are to be successful.

The reporter then interviewed some star hotels in Shijiazhuang that had sold mooncakes for many years. Many hotels were full-time and increased sales. "A lot of old customers do not plan to order. This year's sales tasks are heavier than last year's." According to a chef who works at a hotel, because of the reduction of orders this year, it may affect his overall performance.

"If the quantity is too big to buy, we can offer more discounts. If there is less quantity, we will only buy you a piece to buy. The single purchase is a retail price and it is not worthwhile. It is not worthwhile." In major supermarkets and moon cake sales In the store, sales staff strongly recommend customer group purchases. Manufacturers mainly want to stimulate customer spending through price differences.

The reporter calculated an account, according to the amount of 20 boxes to calculate, then a gorgeous moon cake retail price of 198 yuan / box can be done 125 yuan / box, group purchase price can be as low as 6 fold. In other words, the price of 20 boxes of moon cake was 3,960 yuan, and the group purchase was only 2,500 yuan, saving 1,460 yuan. But even with such favorable prices, the sales staff still said that there are not many customers currently ordering. Fragmented orders can only wait for large orders, and manufacturers have to do it.

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