Micron AFG1226 automatic adhesive box machine was successfully developed

In September, good news came from Qingdao Micron Machinery Co., Ltd. The company has successfully developed a new type of automatic adhesive box machine named AFG1226 through scientific experiments. This machine is based on the original Semi-Automatic Adhesive Box Machine of the United States and investigated nearly 100 large-scale carton factories across the country. It has mastered a large amount of first-hand data. The patented products suitable for China's national market will soon be market-oriented.

The machine consists of a paper feeding section, a folding section, a power section, a sorting and stacking counting section, and a bundling section, and realizes automation from paper feeding to bundling. Compared with similar products on the market, the Micron AFG1226 fully automatic adhesive box machine can effectively solve the "scissors difference" and "fish tail". The features of the machine are: the suction suction device and the secondary indentation mechanism, which are carefully designed in the paper feeding section, are more suitable for the processing of curved cardboard, so that the marking line is more stable and clear; the unique 90-degree finishing function of the folding section can make the cardboard folded At 90 degrees, the marks are re-arranged to make the cardboard form more stable; the left and right folding belts are regulated respectively, effectively reducing the phenomenon of fish tail after folding; the concise and efficient finishing department completely eliminates the fish tail phenomenon; Significantly reduce the incidence of faults in the stacking process and the impact on post-printing ink; touch-screen operation, order management, easy to stick 6,000 per hour; high reliability, easy maintenance, significantly increase the operating rate. The main parameters of the machine include: the highest machine speed - 150m/min; the largest web - 1200mm X 2600mm; the smallest web - 300mm X 750mm; for cardboard - A, B, C, AB, BC type corrugated cardboard; Machine total power - 18kW; footprint - 3400mm X 12500mm (without strapping machine); molding method - forced downward fold; total weight - 13.5 tons (without strapping machine).

Source: Huayin Media

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