Matters needing attention in repair and maintenance of laboratory box-type resistance furnace

Precautions for the repair and maintenance of laboratory box-type resistance furnaces. The appearance of box-type resistance furnaces are all rectangular parallelepipeds. The task room is made of high-quality carbon capsules filled with mechanized silicon refractory materials. The furnace shell is made of The high-quality cold-rolled steel plate is welded by folding with a small pellet machine, and high-quality insulation materials are used as insulation layers between the furnace chamber and the furnace shell. The muffle furnace is generally suitable for various laboratories, industrial and mining enterprises, and scientific research units. In order to increase the heat loss at the furnace mouth and improve the average temperature in the furnace, a heat shield made of high-quality refractory materials is installed inside the furnace door.
Box-type resistance furnace repair and maintenance of silicon-carbon rod furnace, if it is found that the silicon-carbon rod is damaged, the new silicon-carbon rod with opposite specifications and similar resistance value should be replaced. When changing, first remove the maintenance cover and the silicon carbide rod chuck at both ends, and then take out the damaged silicon carbon rod. Because the silicon carbon rod is easy to break, be careful when installing the device. The exposed parts of the furnace shell at both ends should be equal. The chuck must be Tighten it to make good contact with the silicon carbon rod.
If the chuck is severely oxidized, it should be replaced with a new one. Asbestos ropes are used for the gaps in the device holes at both ends of the silicon carbon rod. The furnace temperature must not exceed the maximum task temperature of 1350 ° C. The silicon-carbon V-type mixer rod is allowed to continue for 4 hours at the lowest temperature. After the electric furnace has been used for a very long time, if the heating power adjustment knob is adjusted clockwise to the maximum position, the heating current still cannot go up. The extra value of the small space labeling machine is far away, and the required heating power cannot be reached, which explains that the silicon carbon rod has aged.
When changing the connection method, the box-type resistance furnace does not need to be equipped with silicon carbon rods, but only needs to change the connection method. After changing the connection method, pay attention to the slow adjustment of the heating power adjustment button when using the muffle furnace. The heating current value must not exceed the additional value.
The box-type resistance furnace should be placed in a dry, ventilated, non-corrosive gas small mixer, the task environment temperature is 10-50 ℃, the absolute temperature is not more than 85%.
In order to ensure accurate measurement, a DC potentiometer is used to calibrate the temperature meter of the xmt temperature controller every year to prevent large errors. The box-type resistance furnace checks whether the local hotlines are loose and whether the contacts of the AC contactor are good, indicating that the fault should be repaired in time.
Box-type resistance furnace first-level maintenance box-type resistance furnace anti-static clean service first-class maintenance of the penetration agent medium input maintenance content and requirements are as follows:
1. The infiltrant medium input pipeline is unblocked and does not leak.
2. Clean the drip, the reading is clear.
3. Check that the exhaust pipe is intact and not blocked.
4. Check the joints and valves of each pipeline and tighten them.
5. Check the exhaust device, safe and intact.

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