Lightweight paper packaging has become a new favorite in the tea market

Introduction: Tea is an item that is highly susceptible to environmental changes, and tea packaging plays an important role in the quality of tea. The choice of tea packaging materials, safety, moisture resistance, light protection and gas barrier properties must be taken into account. Nowadays, consumers' choice of tea has increased the aesthetics of packaging. Under the trend of resisting excessive packaging, light and low-key paper packaging is gradually welcomed by the market tea.

As a very low-concentration industry, the tea industry is a one-two-three-four-line brand, and there is no brand of wild goods, all have a common feature: but all gift boxes, most of them go to the atmosphere The route, the 5-kg weight of the box only contains 3 two teas, abound, and the moon cake industry before the high-speed recession last year is exactly the same.

But nowadays, in the trend of eliminating excessive packaging, more and more tea companies are increasingly choosing simple and affordable tea packaging. The more customer base, the stronger the environmental awareness, they prefer kraft paper or simple horseshoe cans. At the same time, more and more tea companies actively adjust the packaging form, which not only meets the needs of consumers, but also reduces the cost of product packaging.

A tea dealer who has been doing it for many years told reporters that it is difficult to find the former glory of the ceramic pots and solid wood boxes that are graceful and expensive but also quite bulky. He now simply gave up the second-line brand and chose the new brand of carton packs. "The carton is very cost-effective and the customers are satisfied. Although this way, my own profit is less than 20%, but it is not very good. The year is still pragmatic."

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