Jin Jiu will follow the rules before and after the purchase of the wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Jinjiu is approaching, the property market is warming up, indirectly promoting the increase in sales of wardrobes . In this golden stage, many merchants began various types of promotional activities, in order to attract consumers' attention. At this moment, what consumers have to do is to stand firm and stick to the rules before and after the wardrobe purchase.

First, before the wardrobe purchase: Mingcha Qiu, knowing the heart

Although the wardrobe is the most practical storage tool in daily life, many people do not know the material and composition of the wardrobe. Before purchasing the wardrobe, consumers should know the whole wardrobe .

Wardrobe purchase

1. The board is the main component of the overall wardrobe.

The material on the market is mainly made of particleboard, MDF (wooden board) and solid wood. From the perspective of environmental performance, solid wood is more environmentally friendly than the other two, but the price is relatively high, because most wardrobes on the market are It is made of wood-based panels.

2, the structure is the core component of the overall wardrobe.

1 The main components of the overall wardrobe: cabinet + door panel

The cabinet body has: main cabinet, top cabinet, independent drawer cabinet and hanging cabinet.

The door panels are: door panels, swing door panels (glass, 9mm panels, etc.)

2 Hardware accessories: including door hinges, handles, drawer guides and other structural accessories and accessories;

3 Functional accessories: there are lattice racks, pants racks, pull boards, lifting racks, push-pull mirrors, storage baskets, wooden hangers, shoe racks, trousers racks, tie racks, towel racks, multi-purpose storage basket combinations, etc.;

Second, the wardrobe purchase: shop around, identify the good or the bad

In the wardrobe purchase, the first taboo is blind consumption. I believe that many consumers have had such experiences and regretted after purchasing the wardrobe. Because through the understanding, the same wardrobe purchased, the price is different in other stores, or the quality problems are found after buying the wardrobe home. The emergence of these problems, in the final analysis, is not in the wardrobe purchase, there is no shop, and there is no identification of the quality of the wardrobe. So how do you buy the wardrobe correctly?

Wardrobe buying skills

1. Do not believe in promotional content and clarify consumer demand. Many merchants have launched a series of promotional activities in order to attract more customers. In fact, this is just a means of sales, allowing customers to increase additional consumption in order to achieve the purpose of increasing profits. For consumers, such consumption is completely unnecessary. Therefore, consumers themselves must understand their own consumption needs and consumption limits.

2. Look for quality and look for the brand. When purchasing a wardrobe, you must look for the quality and craftsmanship of the wardrobe, and you can ask the merchant to show the quality inspection certificate of the wardrobe. In addition, it is recommended to buy a brand wardrobe, although the brand wardrobe may also have flaws, but the brand wardrobe has a certain quality assurance, consumers have problems after the sale can be found.

3, shop around, choose the best. The same wardrobe may not be the same price in different stores. If the price is too high or the price is low, you should seriously consider the possible advantages and disadvantages, so as to choose the best.

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