Is it really useful to wash your face and wash your face?

At present, the hot face brush is called “washing artifact” by many beauty people. It is said that the face brush can not only exfoliate, but also make the face look “rosy and shiny”. Is it really the truth?

Is it really useful to wash your face and wash your face?

The reporter found in a Taobao search that a facial brush is said to be "the bristles are more in contact with the skin and pores than the fingers, and remove the dirt while removing the stratum corneum." In addition, "moderate stimulation of the skin on the skin is like doing facial SPA every day, promoting blood circulation, helping lymphatic detoxification. Over time, it will become ruddy and shiny." In addition, some face scrubs are also said to make the skin moist and young. The price of these face brushes ranges from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars.

In this regard, Li Guangrui, director of the dermatology department of Wangjing Hospital, pointed out that in theory, the face brush should have a certain effect on exfoliation and decontamination. However, as for the other effects of publicity, Li Guangrui said that there is no definite evidence that the face brush has the claimed moisturizing and anti-aging effects.

He also reminded that the face brush should also be chosen according to their skin type. Practice has proved that the harder bristles are suitable for oily and mixed skin with strong oil secretion. The dry skin does not need to be too high in cleaning power. You can choose a brush with softer bristles.

Is it really useful to wash your face and wash your face?

Washing tools refurbished

In addition to the face brush, in fact, many face washing tools have been sold in the market, what konjac wash cotton, electric face cleansing instrument, face sponge, nano towel... Many products claim that in addition to washing the face more clean, but also There are anti-wrinkle, moisturizing and other "effects."

In a konjac washing cotton product introduction, the reporter saw that the seller said that "the use of pure natural è’Ÿè’» plant fiber, no preservatives, chemical additives, mild ingredients are not easy to stimulate the skin; daily massage for face can balance the skin acid Base value, strengthen exfoliation, anti-wrinkle effect, enhance facial gloss."

The seller of another electric face cleansing instrument claims that the effect of using the effect of 4 times the ordinary cleaning method, in addition to the role of exfoliation, can also make the skin "smooth and delicate, brighten the skin", and said to "promote the follow-up professional skin care ingredients Infiltration, effectively magnify the efficacy of skin care products."

For the "efficacy claims" of these products, Li Guangrui pointed out that many so-called "efficiencies" are just advertising. He stressed that the main role of all kinds of facial cleansing products is "washing", and the role of ordinary towels is also "washing".

Is it really useful to wash your face and wash your face?

Ordinary towel wash is the safest

Traditional face towels seem to be outnumbered in the face of various face-washing artifacts. So, do traditional towels really have to be discarded?

Many people today have sensitive skin and have higher requirements for all kinds of face washing tools. Therefore, many so-called "washing artifacts" are said to be safer and more suitable for sensitive skin.

Li Guangrui pointed out that which kind of face-washing tool to choose depends on the conditions of each person. Those who have good economic conditions and pursue fashion and comfort can choose high-priced facial cleansing products according to their own situation, and those with poor economic conditions can use ordinary towels. From a safety perspective, ordinary towels are relatively safe. >>>Vitamins help you eliminate dark circles

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