Identify the constant and constant humidity test chamber refrigeration compressor unit good and bad

To distinguish between the good and bad of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber, the most important thing is to distinguish the good or bad of the refrigeration compressor unit and see if it matches the performance of the equipment you bought. Its good and bad also directly affect the service life and test results of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber. We can easily judge from these aspects: appearance, production date, sound, surface temperature of the compressor, etc.

First of all, the compressor in a brand new constant temperature and humidity test chamber is generally very smooth, and the color is bright and bright, and the input and output tube welds are directly welded to the evaporator, if it is re-welded. Generally, there will be traces of polishing.

Secondly, there are nameplates on the new compressors, which are marked with the model number, number, date of manufacture, power size, etc., which we can check one by one.

Then, as the compressor starts to rotate, as the running time increases, the compressor should emit a clear, uniform, smooth running sound, and the sound will gradually decrease. When the machine is stopped, the compressor will not emit an abnormal sound.

Finally, when the compressor of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber is working, we can also touch the outer casing with the back of the hand, and the outer casing will not be very hot. If the above checks are not met or if one does not meet the performance criteria, you can directly ask the manufacturer of the test equipment what the problem is and ask for a solution.


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