Huahe double sliding door wardrobe shows indifferent and elegant life

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Huahe furniture "Boya home" series, simple, natural, thick and handsome, and its surface texture is clear, the film is even and full, creating an indifferent and elegant life, giving people a sense of comfort, subject to Many people who are indifferent to Mingzhi will like it. Today, Xiaobian for everyone to evaluate the wardrobe "Boya home" series double sliding door wardrobe.

Huahe double sliding door wardrobe

product description:

Product brand: Huahe wardrobe

Product Name: Double sliding door wardrobe HT82S

Product color: teak color

Product size: 2000*615*2125(mm)

Reference price: 19900 yuan

Huahe double sliding door wardrobe experience: storage and material evaluation

Storage evaluation:

Sliding door wardrobe

Storage function as an important function of the wardrobe, what kind of performance will Huahe's double-sliding door wardrobe be? Xiaobian observes the cabinet on the left side and finds that it has a large storage space, and can place some heavy quilts or other Large items.

Wardrobe shopping guide

The space on the right is suitable for placing clothes. It is often used for hanging clothes. If it is not commonly used, it will be folded in the grid. The designer also arranged two drawers here, and one of the drawers was also locked, where we can place some valuable small items.

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Straight Umbrella Frame 

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Packaging For Straight Umbrella

Umbrella Order Procedure:

Oem2 V2

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