How to use treadmill exercise correctly

Treadmills help people save space for exercise without having to stop exercising because they cannot find a suitable place. More and more people are putting themselves into the gym, but they must pay attention to adjusting their posture during exercise. Otherwise, the results may be unsatisfactory and may even cause harm.

Some people are accustomed to brachial arching when running, and if the person is leaning forward, it will increase the pressure on the lumbar spine. If it takes a long time, it will cause lumbar strain. In addition, the shock caused by the falling motion of a running ground gives the human's soles almost five times the weight. The forward leaning of the center of gravity will bring more impact to the joints of the legs and feet, and it will cause discomfort over time. Therefore, when exercising on a treadmill, be sure to abdomen and chest, tighten the lower back muscles.

Incorrect swing arms can also cause physical discomfort. Do not swing the arms left or right. This can cause the center of gravity to sway from side to side, which can adversely affect the knee joint. When exercising on a treadmill, it must swing forward and backward.

When someone runs, the sound is particularly loud. It is very likely that the foot is directly on the ground. The direct landing of the soles of the feet will cause the reaction of the ground to the human body through the skeleton to the spine and the brain, which is why some people feel uncomfortable after exercising on the treadmill. Follow the curved transition from the heel to the sole of the foot and gently place it.

Treadmill exercise should have a gradual process, understand their own tolerance range, gradually increase the amount of exercise, of course, pre-exercise warm-up exercises can not be ignored, when exercise is all right to drink 10-16 degrees of boiling water, purified water or electrolyte drinks It is good for heart health.

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