How to buy heirloom furniture?

What is a heirloom? Generally speaking, the old ones passed down from generation to generation in the family can afford this word. It may be a high-backed chair that the tempered grandfather fell and fell, perhaps a selfish aunt from her grandmother. The stolen embroidery was covered. Today, the magical word of heirloom has become a savvy marketing tool in the commodity market. The carpet that has never been bitten by a puppy, the ball that has not been beaten has been crowned with this name, you will even find the heirloom rain boots, in the American home and furniture chain store Restoration Hardware You can buy heirloom detergent. Nowadays, some of the furniture described by heirloom or handed down quality are just those that have just come out of the production line and have nothing to do with the craft.

These marketing vocabulary played a counterproductive effect, and people began to resent the so-called heirloom.

Live longer than people

Brooky Richard, a 36-year-old furniture designer, and her partners run a design company called Richard Watson, whose products are said to be "modern heirlooms". The Walnut wood dressing table, which is worth $10,000, is said to have taken 84 hours of production time. Brooke Richard said that the term heirloom was previously attractive to their company and now lost its brilliance.

Some people really want to leave some of the furniture they own to their children, because these items are some extension of the self, so there will be a connection between the family generation and the generation. This connection is meaningful to the children, let They are backed up in such a broken, short-lived, ablated world.

In today's fast-moving world, many people will find that there is nothing in their home that can be passed on to the next generation. The only memory of the IKEA Ekpedi bookshelf is the pain of being lost in the large warehouse of IKEA. Let's take a look at Crate & Barrel, the favorite furniture store in the American city. It sells American middle-class candlesticks and enters 2 million high-end apartments. Such things simply cannot bring the "self" into the future, and the quality is difficult to last. This kind of reality is easy to fear that our lives are as one-off as other things.

Many designers have begun to rethink the concept of heirloom. “Meeting your next family heirloom” is an advertisement published by Chadhaus, a small furniture company in Seattle. The bookcases and tables made by the company are all handmade in solid wood, and the designers personally go to the forest. The tree, after watching the trees fell, personally drove back to the studio. Let's take a look at the company's double loft bed, which, although not conspicuously engraved and inlaid, sells for more than $5,200. His designer, 36-year-old Chad Robertstein, said that he is a Swedish immigrant, and his grandfather is also a carpenter, so he knows how to make a durable test that can withstand the test of time.

Manhattan's modern furniture BDDW, also advertised as "heirloom quality", its designer and company owner Taylor Hayes not only imagined his work to be durable, but also personally tested, he placed the sample in a temperature-controlled box Inside, this laboratory like an industrial refrigerator can set the temperature, humidity and climate, Mr. Hayes said, "so you can see what the product will look like after a hundred years of use."

How to buy heirloom furniture?

Item conveying emotion

If it is sturdy, it can be handed down. The PET bottle can be called "quality of handed down." It is estimated that this polymer will naturally decompose for 2800 years. Therefore, Ms. Richard not only designs strong furniture, but also has the qualities to convey emotional memory. The furniture that is passed on to the next generation is best to have a story. She designed a high-ceilinged cabinet. Like its 18th-century predecessors, it has a 6-foot-high, top-level drawer. Many people don’t see the stool. Something. Therefore, those commemorative items can be placed in the first three drawers for safety reasons. A child grows up with such a high cabinet. He often sees his mother climb up and down from a high stool that is also produced by the company. He pulls out the drawer above the high cabinet and places it on the table below. Maybe the mother will take off her shoes before going to the stool. These tiny memories of childhood will be deeply imprinted on this high cabinet.

Also focused on handed down home furnishings is California's ceramic brand Heath Ceramics, which claims that its products will not be outdated. The company was founded in 1948 and some of the existing tableware and tiles can be traced back to the beginning of the establishment. On the company's website, some old customers' messages have witnessed the quality of their products. Some people wrote that now we grow up and the children will think, when the father and I are no longer used, who will be passed on to these ceramics? What about your hand?

Some people may feel that they can also have feelings with cheap knockoffs. The carpet designer Madeline Weinrib does not agree with this. Her company in New York is named after her, she said the company Handmade carpets are much better than machine-woven carpets, and their design of climbing plant series carpets has a strong collection value, which is unmatched by cheap carpets.

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A discerning consumer may say that the so-called quality of handed down is just a marketing tool that makes goods a price. Alabama's company, Alabama Chanin, has been criticized for producing a $5,000 quilt and a $3,860 handmade dress inspired by the United States in the 1930s and 1940s. Photo of the southern village. Designer Natalie Chanin is still using the wooden spoon left by her grandmother. She said the company is considered a high-end company and that only a few talents can afford it. But she designed the $5,000 American flag quilt, and the same DIY kit costs $695. There are free production instructions on her blog. Natalie said, I hope that when the family treasures are over, our company is still there.

Now, this trend has a growing trend, but even Saul Griffith has doubts about the market. The interior designer self-description is a very enthusiastic supporter of heirloom supplies, thinking this It is the way to reduce your personal carbon footprint. He pointed out that buying a thing that can last a lifetime is really appealing, but only a few items can afford the word heirloom. In line with these rules, the French oven brand Le Creuset's Dutch oven, the French kitchen brand Mauviel's plate, the 1963 Land Rover and Lego toys, he said that he played the Lego toy 35 years ago. .

Alysia Abbott's well-received memoir, Wonderland, tells the story of a daughter and her father. Her father died when she was 21 years old. There is such a fragment in the book, his father angrily A broken but beloved oriental carpet was thrown away, because her cat always peeed on it, and she saw the carpet again in the photo. She said that perhaps at that moment I began to be sentimental, the goods carry memories, they are the testimony of time, making that memory more real, because they are real. This passage is a circumstantial testimony of the family heirloom furniture.

(Source: World Expo Magazine) / Chen Du Pear

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