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Recently, Google Glass opened up a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section, listing 33 frequently asked questions to answer people's questions and doubts about the device. In the answer, Google stressed that Google Glass will allow users to return to control the position of technology. Google glasses can achieve voice search, map navigation, send and receive e-mail, shooting photos, and in the glasses can achieve some app store applications. It should be said that this is a smart wearable device, it seems to be a relatively pull the wind product. So, can the future of Google Glass look good?
Google glasses are hardly necessary glasses as a wearable device and are not necessarily worn devices. Most people wear glasses not because they like to wear it, but because of the medical problems of the eyes they are forced to wear glasses. Some people prefer to use contact lenses instead of tangible glasses with glasses frames. People who have normal eye problems do not wear glasses. There is very little time to wear glasses, except on certain occasions, such as avoiding or going out for a shade, or driving a sports car with a cool ride. Glasses will play its role. Wearing glasses is a difficult task. There will be some negative effects. For example, wearing glasses will not be the same as seeing things with the naked eye. Wearing glasses for a long time will be unnatural and uncomfortable. It will also cause the eyes to sink and so on.
Although Google claims that the glasses are only 40 grams, it is light, but even such a light device can cause uncomfortable feeling when worn on the head for a long time. The role of Google Glass is to replace some of the smart features of today's smartphones, such as searching, navigation, receiving emails, and positioning. Google expects that Google Glass can become a necessity for people's daily lives, rather than glasses as just a choice for people to wear equipment. Obviously this is not in line with normal people's lifestyle. Correcting the habits of the general public is not an easy task. It is far less natural than an innovative device to guide the habits of the general public. Therefore, positioning the glasses as an electronic or optical device will not attract the public's attention. In addition, Google mentioned in the FAQ that Google "expects the rapid development of etiquette for wearable devices such as Google Glass." Obviously, the formation of a kind of etiquette is not an overnight event. At the same time, the formation of etiquette does not require too many rules, but is formed by the habits of the public. If there are too many legal norms to be bound, it is clear that such a The emergence of equipment itself has many doubts.
Interfering with the user's normal vision Google developers will continue to emphasize that Google Glass is a device that can be switched on and off at any time. At the same time, only a micro-computer is placed above the lens, which will not interfere with people’s normal vision and will not interfere with people’s Normal life. Under normal circumstances, when people use their eyes to look at the screen of their smartphone or tablet, their eyes will notice changes in their surroundings. However, when Google Glass is opened, a 25-inch screen is projected by the eyes. When people pay attention to the screen in front of them, all the lines of sight will be attracted by the content of the virtual world on the screen. Naturally, they will ignore the real world. The attention of the situation. Since Google Glass is not a device that is suitable for use in the home or office, it is mainly applicable to mobile devices. Therefore, changes in the real world and real world changes hardly affect people's attention to the virtual world of Google Glasses. This will inevitably affect some of the behaviors of people in the real world. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between the real world and the virtual world. Naturally, the error rate of people's behavior in real life increases. Google Glass sets an obstacle like communication between people, and social interaction between people is greatly reduced.
The problem of radiation is inevitably Google Glass should be a positioning in wireless terminal equipment. And such a wireless terminal device will be worn on people's heads for a long time in the future. Wireless devices naturally face the problem of radiation from wireless networks. Whether radiation from wireless networks is harmful to the human body has not yet been determined. Smart devices such as smart phones and tablet PCs are usually carried around or carried in a bag. Google glasses need to be worn on the head for a long time. The brain of the central nervous system is located in the head and the central nervous system is so close. The long-term acceptance of radiation from wireless networks in the absence of scientific conclusions makes it hard to say that there are no side effects.
Alternative smartphone? A long way to go Google glasses currently have search, navigation, send and receive e-mail, positioning, pictures, video and other functions, and in terms of telephone and text messaging, is still only an auxiliary communication function. At the same time, Google Glass is subject to restrictions on operation, and current software applications will not be synchronized with smartphones and tablets. Therefore, Google Glass can not completely replace tablet computers or smart phones at least at present. This will mean that Google Glass is not a replacement product for smartphones and tablets, but just a derivative product. This means that Google Glass only uses some of its functions when smartphones and tablets are not easy to use. For the average user, he does not want to add a wireless terminal device when he has a smart phone or tablet. Because he wears Google glasses, the smart machine has to be brought around. This is obviously like an invisible increase. Terrific life necessities.
Google's positioning of Google Glasses is inconsistent with the usual habits of glasses, such as wearable devices, and Google Glass is not a substitute for smartphones or tablets, but rather a simplified and improved derivative. The impact of Google Glass on the human body has not yet been conclusive, and Google Glass will also affect people's real-world life behavior. Even if such a product shows its unique and innovative side to the world, it will eventually be eliminated because it does not meet the public's habits and tastes.
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