How about Kohler bathroom? How about Kohler toilet?

1. Kohler Bathroom

1. Product design

Each Kohler product is a work of art. It combines cutting-edge and stylish design with innovative technology and perfect quality to lead the trend of the bathroom industry. There are 4 major design centers in the world, respectively in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and China. Through direct investigation of different countries, different nationalities, and different usage habits, they have designed products suitable for all countries in the world. There are not only American-style and European-style products, but also the integration of many Chinese elements, which can perfectly match the decoration of Chinese-style homes. So we often say that Kohler is not American, Kohler is the world, and everyone.

2. Product line

Kohler has a very complete product line. There are 11 factories in Kohler, China. These factories are all Kohler's own production plants and are unique. Such as Foshan Ceramic Factory, Zibo Ceramic Factory, Beijing Leading Factory, Nanchang Leading Factory, Changshu Cabinet Factory, Shanghai Bath Factory, Shanghai Electronic Product Factory, Zhongshan Shower Room Factory, Zhuhai Sink Factory, etc. The first principle of the production of these Kohler factories is to uphold the global unified production quality standards. These factories are produced in China, which also ensures that Chinese users can enjoy the fastest service and the highest quality products brought by Kohler, and also guarantees Our users can choose the most perfect bathroom solution in Kohler.

3. Brand concept

Kohler has a mission, which means that every employee of Kohler and Kohler has a mission to provide a higher level of good life for those affected by our products and services. A brand's longing for elegant life from the inside out, let art integrate into life, let innovation lead the trend, and let every user truly feel the humanity of the bathroom space. In fact, many users around us use Kohler products by themselves, and children use Kohler products. Now that grandchildren are married, they also recommend using Kohler products. This is the biggest advantage of the Kohler brand.

2. Kohler toilet (toilet)

Kohler toilets from shape to function, from the whole to the details, all show intimate details and human care. The appearance is exquisite and fashionable, with many small button designs, the overall feel of the toilet is smooth, which can show the exquisite life. The humanized design of Kohler toilets, the design of the French curved seat ring is ergonomic, very comfortable, and the opening and closing of the lid are very soft, there will be no stiff noise, very good!

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