Furniture trade-in continues to pilot

Old furniture will no longer be recycled

According to the "2013 Beijing Furniture Replacement Project Tender Notice", the tender is a public bidding method, which will determine no more than 15 furniture sales enterprises, as a fixed-point supplier of furniture trade-in; determine no more than 8 renewable resources recycling The company is a fixed-point supplier of recycling and recycling business.

It is reported that the scope of subsidies for subsidies for furniture, subsidies and subsidies are the same as last year. The subsidized products are still in four categories: cabinets, sofas, beds, tables and chairs (removable furniture only), and the subsidy amount is 10%. The government and furniture companies each bear 5%, and the maximum amount of single-piece furniture subsidies cannot exceed 1,000 yuan.

Compared with the trial measures in November last year, the old-for-new method of this release has two differences. In this trial, the old furniture recycling and dismantling will be subsidized according to the type of old furniture. The sanitation department and the collection and disposal of hazardous waste units will receive full subsidies according to the actual processing costs. According to the staff of the Service and Trade Office of the Commercial Committee, because the cost of recycling and dismantling is relatively high, it is hoped that more recycling enterprises will be encouraged to join the bidding through the form of “subsidy”. The old furniture that is recycled at the same time must be dismantled by the recycling resource recycling and dismantling enterprises. This shows that the recycled old furniture is not allowed to be sold as second-hand furniture and will be completely dismantled.

Many stores actively participate

It is understood that the companies participating in the pilot work in November 2012, Jimei Home, Cheng Wai Cheng, Red Star Macalline and other companies have indicated that they will continue to participate in the bid. The staff of the actual home said that the “trade-in” activity has an obvious effect on improving the sales of the company. According to its introduction, from November 1st to November 30th, 2012, the sales of furniture trade-in accounted for nearly 38% of the total sales of furniture, and the sales performance in November increased by 9% compared with November 2011; Jimei home staff said In November 2012, a total of 1476 old-for-new contracts were sold, resulting in nearly 400 pieces of used furniture. The sales of furniture trade-in accounted for 16% of the total sales during the same period.

Liu Yang, deputy general manager of Chengwai Chengjia Plaza, said that in November 2012, Jimei’s sales of furniture for old-fashioned furniture accounted for nearly 27% of total furniture sales. “The trade-in is a no doubt to increase the sales volume of the store, and it will also enhance the influence of the store brand in the Beijing market. This is a convenient measure for people's livelihood, enterprises and industries. The specific operational measures will continue to mature. Get up, we will actively cooperate."

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