【Focus】 Practical technology and troubleshooting collection of offset press

As a good tool for quality printing, offset printing machines have always been the leader in the field of printing presses. Although the printing industry has been turbulent and digital printing machines and other fresh equipment have emerged like mushrooms, the position of offset printing machines has not been strongly shaken. The printing of offset printing machines Quality is still the goal everyone is chasing. Bisheng summarizes some basic information of offset presses, equipment selection, standardized operation, pressure control, color adjustment and outlook of offset presses, hoping to help colleagues who have doubts.

1. Introduction of Offset Press

Offset printing press (offset printing press), using round pressure round printing method, indirect printing principle, the printing plate through the rubber cloth transfer cylinder to transfer the image on the substrate for printing. According to different printing conditions and basic printing methods, it can be divided into sheet-fed automatic flat offset printing machine and web high-speed rotary offset printing machine; according to the printing color number, it can be divided into single-color machine, two-color machine, four-color machine and six-color machine Machine and eight-color machine, etc .; according to the printing paper, it can be divided into four start, double start, full sheet machine and double sheet machine.

In addition to the above classification, we can also classify offset presses in more different ways:

1. Application: paper offset printing machine, proofing offset printing machine, iron offset printing machine

2. Printing surface: single-sided offset printing machine, double-sided offset printing machine

3. Automation: semi-automatic offset printing machine, automatic offset printing machine

The naming principle of China's domestic offset presses: [detailed]

2. Sheet-fed offset printing machine:

1. Sheetfed offset press

Lithographic printing machine is the most widely used printing equipment at present, and the distinguishing feature from other printing methods is that it is provided with a moisturizing device. According to the structure design of different models and the number of printing colors at one time, the cylinder arrangement of the printing part is divided into single-unit single-color, single-unit double-color and multi-unit multi-color. The single-unit monochrome machine is usually a three-drum type. The single-unit double-color is a five-roller type, that is, the impression cylinder is shared by two colors. One unit of one-color, three-cylinder, two-color, four-color, five-color, and six-color offset presses.

In addition, there is a monochrome offset printing machine that prints on both sides. It consists of 4 cylinders. There is no impression cylinder. It is pressed against two blanket cylinders. The paper passes through between the two sides for printing. Type) offset press. The three-roller type machine and the multi-color offset printing machine are equipped with a paper turning mechanism, which can also be used for double-sided printing, and the paper feeding and receiving parts adopt the paper pile type.

2. Tips for selecting efficiency equipment of sheet-fed offset press

In order to cope with the continuous shortening of the printing cycle, the continuous improvement of quality, the increase in the demand for short version, the increased competition, and the decreasing profit margins, adding a connection device to the sheet-fed offset press can not only improve efficiency, but also develop Differentiate printing to improve competitiveness. However, the configuration of the connection device must be selected realistically according to your needs, and the one that meets the needs is appropriate. Bisheng.com also provides technical support for the selection of your sheet-fed printing press device. 【detailed】

3. Standardized operation of offset presses

The essence of the standardized operation of the whole machine is a comprehensive reflection of the standardized operation of the six major lines. The following Bisheng.com takes the printing process of a printed product as an example to talk about the standardized operation of the whole machine. 【detailed】

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