Five-style beautiful buttock yoga, help you practice charm and hip


The first type: tighten the buttocks muscles, beautify the hip curve, stretch the front side


1. Sit on your back with your arms on your side and adjust your breathing.

2. Inhale, bend your knees, and keep your heels as close as possible to your hips.

3. Exhale, hold your ankles with both hands, slowly lift your body off the ground, tighten your hip muscles for 30 seconds, and breathe naturally.

4. Exhale slowly, return to the supine position, and repeat it again.


Alternative: If your hands don't reach your ankles, keep your hands flat on the floor.

The second type: beautify the buttocks, strengthen the strength of the leg muscles and the strength of the ankles


1. While inhaling as in the first form, lift your body, hold your hands on your back, and support your arms on the ground.

2. Call up, lift the heel, knees close together, and clamp the inner thigh muscles.

3. Inhale first, then exhale, while the left leg is straight up, hold for 5-10 seconds, naturally breathing.

4. Inhale, drop your left leg, support, exhale, stretch your right leg up for a few seconds, and breathe naturally.

5. Do 3 times on the left and right legs, then relax and restore.


The third type: reduce the shoulder, hip, side waist of the fat, stretch the back of the leg ligament


1. Side lying, right arm landing, right hand side of the face, adjust breathing.

2. Inhale, bend the left leg, and grab the foot with your left hand.

3. Exhale, pull up the left leg with your left hand, stretch your left knee for a few seconds, and breathe naturally.

4. Restore and drop, repeat 3 times, then change to the other side.


The fourth type: increase the breech line, tighten the gluteal muscles, strengthen the waist and back muscles


1. Supine and chin on the ground, hands clenched on the side of the body.

2. Put your palm up and put it on the root of your thigh.

3. Inhale, tighten the gluteal muscles, forcefully raise the legs, the head is attached to the ground, and the arms are pressed against the ground. Hold for 10-20 seconds and breathe naturally.

4. Exhale, the legs fall down, the chin touches the ground, and takes a deep breath. Do it 3 times.


The fifth type: increase the breech line, tighten the waist, abdomen, buttocks muscles, strengthen the leg strength and balance ability


1. Stand up and adjust your breathing.

2. Inhale, bend the left leg backwards, grab the left foot with your left hand, and straighten your right arm.

3. Exhale, pull the left leg up and stretch upwards, and extend the right arm forward to maintain balance. Hold for 20 seconds and breathe naturally.

4. Exhale, return to the 2 position, then return to the standing position, change legs and do it again. Do it 3 times on the left and right.


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