Feidiao Yuba price is not high

With the change of consumers' concepts and the improvement of living standards, the requirements on the appearance and applicability of Yuba products are getting higher and higher. So which brand of Yuba is good? Recently, many netizens consulted Xiaobian about the price of Feidiao Yuba and the price of Feidiao Yuba. Let's follow Xiaobian to understand.

How about Flying Eagle Yuba

Feidiao Electric Group was founded in 1987. After 20 years of development, it has become a large modern private enterprise integrating manufacturing, scientific research, import and export trade, service, real estate development and operation. Feidiao electrical products are involved in the fields of electrical products, construction appliances, and small household appliances. Consumers of "Feidiao" brand wall switches, sockets, air switches, ventilating fans, and bathroom heaters have a total of 40 series and nearly 3000 types of products. Agents, more than 10,000 sales outlets.

In the long-term theory, Feidiao Electric took the initiative to understand and nurture the market with its advanced concepts and actions, invented a new concept of market expansion, established a marketing network that covered the whole country, and constituted a strong brand competitiveness.

As a typical rising star among Yuba manufacturers, Feidiao Yuba has always been consumer-oriented, with the personal safety of consumers in mind, strictly controlling all aspects of Guan Feidiao Yuba production, so that the quality of Yuba is minimized. With its excellent quality Feidiao Yuba has won unanimous praise from consumers, and large manufacturers such as Aopu enjoy the same treatment.

Flying Eagle Yuba Price

Product 1. Feidiao NS18C01 ------------------------------ Feidiao Yuba Price: ¥ 557

Product 2. Feidiao NS6A ------------------------------------- Feidiao Yuba Price: ¥ 162

Product 3. Feidiao FG12AB-2 / Ⅱ ------------------------------ Feidiao Yuba Price: ¥ 198

Product 3. Feidiao NS6B / Ⅱ ---------------------------------- Feidiao Yuba Price: ¥ 310

Product 4. Feidiao NS12C58 ---------------------------------- Feidiao Yuba Price: ¥ 340

Product 5. Feidiao NS12C05 ---------------------------------- Feidiao Yuba Price: ¥ 828

Product 6. Feidiao FB06AL ----------------------------------- Feidiao Yuba Price: ¥ 180

Product 7. Feidiao NS12C53 ---------------------------------- Feidiao Yuba Price: ¥ 268

Product 8. Feidiao NS13C01 ---------------------------------- Feidiao Yuba Price: ¥ 548

Product 9, Feidiao NS8A ------------------------------------- Feidiao Yuba Price: ¥ 218

Product 10. Feidiao NF21C01 --------------------------------- Feidiao Yuba Price: ¥ 798

Product 11. Feidiao FG12BS-3 -------------------------------- Feidiao Yuba Price: ¥ 366

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