Example Analysis of the Broadcasting System of Xishan Campus Attached to the People's Congress

1. Introduction to the School of Xishan Campus of the High School Attached to the People's Congress
The Xishan School attached to the People's Congress is located on the east side of Long Garden in Yicheng? Xishan Huafu Community, surrounded by three mountains and five gardens. The school is at an appropriate distance from the headquarters of the Affiliated High School of the National People's Congress. Surrounded by agricultural universities, national defense universities, Tsinghua University, Peking University and other national institutions of higher learning, it is an organic part of Haidian Centennial College.
The school philosophy, school management, curriculum setting, and teacher team building of the Xishan School attached to the National People's Congress comprehensively draw on the experience of the NPC Affiliated High School to develop its quality and level, and under the guidance of the Haidian District Education Commission and the Affiliated High School of the NPC, according to the school's own characteristics To form your own school-running characteristics.
The Xishan School attached to the National People's Congress is a district-owned public school completely planned, designed, supervised and implemented by the National People's Congress Affiliated Middle School. All classrooms, functional classrooms, laboratories, network facilities, canteens, etc. are designed by the NPC Affiliated Middle School teachers, reflecting the NPC Affiliated High School School philosophy. It consists of teaching building, experiment building, comprehensive building and dormitory building, with teaching classroom, library, electronic reading room, laboratory, labor and technology experiment
Classrooms, technology activity rooms, art activity centers and sports activity centers, etc. At the same time, the school will be built into a digital campus, and the campus network wirelessly covers all corners of the school. The school management team is appointed by the Affiliated High School of the National People's Congress, and the teachers are selected and trained by the Affiliated High School of the National People's Congress. The high starting point and high level are reflected from the hardware and software to the construction of the teaching staff.
The Xishan School of the High School attached to the National People's Congress will achieve a high starting point, branding, public welfare, distinctive characteristics, and promote a balanced positioning. It will give full play to the brand and demonstration role of the High School attached to the People's Congress, and promote and drive the balanced development of education in the northern area of ​​Haidian District.

2. Broadcasting Technical Requirements of Xishan Campus of the High School Attached to the People's Congress
1. Can play music ringtones to and from work, the ringtone playlist is less than 10 sets, for different broadcast ringtone needs, music ringtones can be customized.
2. The requirements of the North Building, South Building, Comprehensive Building, and Experimental Building can be addressed to each classroom, and can be combined in any grade and floor.
3. All corridor requirements can be controlled to each floor, and through the main broadcast control center, the teaching area and office area of ​​each corridor can be fixed-pointed. It can be combined arbitrarily.
4. For different grades and different areas, at least 20 sets of audio sources can be played simultaneously. Used for different grade exams and announcement announcements.
5. The hardware offline work sub-control center, no less than 3 sets, is mainly used for the management of leaders and supervisors, and at the same time can realize the authority management. There is no limit to the software sub-control center, and one set for each grade department is designed. It can be used by teachers to manage their classrooms without leaving the office.
6. The sports field must fully consider the reality of the open area, and the design of the sound column should reduce the echo feedback. It can independently control the north and south sports fields.
7. The overall system architecture requires that the main structure is IP network access and management. The sports field part requires the combination of analog transmission and IP network broadcasting. The design standard should achieve the function of leading technology, stable equipment, and flexibility to meet the three-in-one functions of campus broadcasting, teaching applications, and four or six level fixed-point examination room tasks.
3. The effect achieved
1. Sub-control center
★ Leader's speech: hardware network paging microphone. It can target as few as one specific class, up to the whole school, and even flexibly select areas for IP network speech.
Note: The leading workstation can be used as a campus radio. The construction of campus cultural enterprises through this set of IP broadcasting system, can perform regular and fixed broadcast.
★ Teacher sub-control: The assistant control client can meet a variety of teaching applications, such as the class teacher is only responsible for the teaching of the class. The grade director may only be responsible for the broadcasting of this grade. Can broadcast the content in advance, compile the curriculum, and play or broadcast regularly.
2. Background music plays regularly (upper and lower class bells, background music)
Fourth, the school's overall functional technology design â—† Campus broadcast system should be built on a digital IP network platform, and must have good scalability;
â—† Campus broadcasting requires computer-operated broadcasting system to realize unattended campus digital automation broadcasting function;
â—† Automatically play back and forth class music ringtones, wake-up numbers, inter-class radio exercises, eye exercises and campus background music;
â—† Campus broadcasting has a unified centralized system control and management throughout the school, and independent control and management of each area. A point-to-point broadcasting system can be implemented in the classroom; the classroom can be assigned programs at the same time by grade or class, or English listening training and exams; administrative office building , Student dormitory buildings, canteens, outdoor and other places use a broadcast system in a partitioned manner;
â—† The system must have good scalability, as long as the campus network can cover the broadcast information point can be easily deployed.
â—† The campus broadcasting system can meet the flexible partition grouping, and the broadcast administrator can flexibly change the partition settings according to the actual situation;
â—† All networked computers in the campus network can be used as the branch control point of the campus broadcasting system. When the branch control point uses this system, it is required to be able to accurately broadcast to each broadcast partition or broadcast point;
â—† Administrators and authorized leaders of the campus broadcasting system can monitor or monitor the content of any broadcast point in the campus in real time;
â—† The campus broadcasting system can meet the needs of emergency broadcasting, and can be connected to the fire broadcasting signal, and the system can achieve linkage.
â—† The system also requires that you can broadcast on campus, enjoy famous songs, learn English listening, broadcast radio programs, FM radio, etc., so as to cultivate students' interest and create a good campus environment.

V. Advantages of GMTD IP network broadcasting Jinmai Video Digital IP network broadcasting system provides different control and management application interfaces for applications in different places, and realizes rich application functions of the broadcasting system. Compared with traditional analog broadcasting systems The system is more in line with the development trend of information digitization, and is a concrete embodiment of information digitization in practical applications.
★ Personalized scheduled play Each digital network terminal of the Jinmai Video Digital IP network broadcast system has an independent IP address, so each individual can receive the server's personalized scheduled play program individually. The sub-workstation can be set up for scheduled playback operation on the Internet through the office computer, or directly through the on-demand keyboard of the terminal.
★ The real-time on-demand function of the terminal audio on-demand Jinmai Video Digital IP network broadcasting system can enable staff to communicate with the server in real time at the sub-work station to achieve interaction. The on-demand keyboard at the work site provides a personalized Chinese LCD display operation menu interface to assist staff in flexible control operations.
★ Leadership live broadcast Jinmai video digital IP network broadcasting system supports the leader online speech function. Leaders do not need to go to a special broadcast center, but only need to use an office computer to realize remote speech via the GM-8003 intercom terminal. You can speak to the whole area, or you can speak to an optional area. It can also talk to the IP terminal of the sub-control point.
★ Easily on-demand, in the digital learning classroom in the E era, you can use the remote control to order the courseware content in the server for independent on-demand and local playback, which will better serve this IP broadcasting system for teaching applications.
★ Unlimited distance communication can be authorized, the authorized manager can broadcast the designated area or all areas of the IP broadcast system through mobile phones, landline and other communication equipment to broadcast emergency notices and remote meetings. Although the distance is far, but Manage the effects as you see them.
★ Real-time voice live broadcast Jinmai video digital IP network broadcasting system program real-time acquisition and broadcast function, can be real-time collection and compression of programs from other audio sources to the server, and simultaneously broadcast to the designated terminal. The broadcast source can be other commercial or personal radio stations, decks, CD players, MP3 players, microphones, etc.
★ Background music Jinmai video digital network terminal uses hardware audio decoding, with automatic error correction function. The high-fidelity sound effect balance ensures that the audio signal decoded and restored has CD quality, and has the same effect as the digital music output by the computer. Through the system settings, you can achieve unattended, multiple set time, background music of different tracks.
★ Intercom can be realized between the sub-control workstations. School administrators can perform voice intercom between the IP network terminal of the main control workstation and the IP network terminal of the sub-control workstation.
★ Remote control function can control the terminal equipment across the network through the network, and feedback real-time operation information in real time, and visual graphic information shows the current status of the equipment. Remote control includes: device on / off, volume level, setting IP, etc.
★ Batch control selects one, multiple or all terminals to control at the same time, avoiding repeated labor for the same operation.
★ Scheduled broadcast management According to the needs of broadcasting, one or more scheduled broadcast tasks can be established in order of week, day, hour and terminal, program and time. The system will automatically execute all specified tasks without manual operation. Unattended.
★ The permission setting system can set various roles, set up super administrator, supervisor leader, query administrator, control administrator, and administrators with different permissions can perform different authorization operations. In addition, authority can also be established on the terminal. Unauthorized operation is invalid.
★ Automatic live broadcast / broadcast in any partition
Through the setting of the control software, different content can be automatically played in any divided area, such as radio programs / emergency notifications.
★ Individual live broadcast / broadcast in a specific area Through the setting of the control software, personalized broadcast in a certain area, such as holding a meeting at each branch of a certain area. According to different regions, different playback content, and the length of playback time are different, through the main control center software to perform task settings, etc.
★ Free combination of broadcasting in each area Through the setting of the control software, you can arbitrarily broadcast a certain area or several areas, such as background music in public areas, living areas, libraries, and other areas.
★ Choose an area for temporary broadcast. The system can select an area for temporary broadcast according to needs, such as a leader's speech, broadcast announcement, etc.
★ Broadcasting of different content in different areas at the same time through the setting of the control software, can realize the different content in different areas at the same time, such as: different areas at the same time notification of different content events.
★ Broadcast monitoring system plays content, administrators or leaders can monitor the content of each channel broadcasted by the system in real time to understand the broadcast status of the program.
★ The emergency alarm system usually plays music. When there is an emergency broadcast request, the system immediately switches to the emergency broadcast state and performs emergency broadcast on the area to be broadcast; at the same time, the system has an alarm linkage function. When there is an alarm, the local The police informs the control outlets, and at the same time, it automatically alarms the area according to the scope of the police influence and the size of the hazard, which improves the efficiency of crowd evacuation and reduces the degree of loss.

6. List of Equipments of Xishan Campus Attached to the People's Congress
No. Equipment Name Brand Model Technical Parameters Quantity Unit 1 IP network management platform Jinmai Video / GMTD GM-8008D system server. System server software, management software, audio editing software, sub-control workstation software, etc. 1 set of 2 IP network wall speakers Jinmai Video / GMTD GM-8001 network interface, 10W power amplifier, one audio input / output can take out audio access box , Volume control high and low bass adjustment 89 sets 3 IP network wall-mounted payment box Jinmai video / GMTD GM-8001A 10W power 2 only 4 IP network sub-control platform Jinmai video / GMTD GM-8003 desktop (wall-mounted), network interface, Built-in power amplifier, 1 channel audio input / output, 1 channel fixed resistance output, 1 channel microphone input, LCD screen display, keyboard / remote control on demand, call control, one key call to the main control center, alarm signal input expandable network switch module 2 5 IP network cabinet terminal Jinmai Video / GMTD GM-8004 19-inch rack structure, network interface 1 audio output, two power control, automatic / manual forced power selection, remote network signal priority, automatic forced insertion, available Expanded network switch module 1 set 6 digital mixers Jinmai Video / GMTD GM-T8 8LU multi-channel single channel and stereo input, built-in digital effects 1 set 7 broadcast microphones Jinmai Video / GMTD GM-240 Applicable frequency 60-15KH Z, ON / OFF ultra-long life, high anti-noise, anti-howling goose-diameter with base goose-diameter anti-call 3 sets of 8 wireless microphones Jinmai Video / GMTD GM-9100U U segment handheld wireless microphone (One set has been taken) 4 sets of 9 digital tuners Jinmai Video / GMTD GM8620T full-featured microcomputer control, quartz phase-locked loop synthesis tuning system, memory AM / FM each 40 radio frequency memory 1 10 DVD player gold Microvision / GMTD GM8621T microcomputer control touch operation, can play DVD / MP3 / CD / VCD, etc .; system + ESS decoding scheme 1

VII. Illustration of the example of the configuration of the sports field at the Xishan Campus attached to the National People's Congress

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