Enterprise self-declaration: laying "fast track" for green printing

The meager profit of the printing industry is an indisputable fact. When green printing encounters a high threshold for certification fees, many small and medium-sized printing companies can only hope to "certify", which virtually hinders the printing industry's progress in promoting green. Can another authentication mechanism be introduced to cooperate with the existing third-party authentication model? The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the CNCA jointly issued the "Notice on the Implementation of Green Printing of Bills and Tickets" on November 4th. Add a new way called self-declaration.

In this regard, Wang Yanbin, director of the Printing and Distribution Department of the General Administration of China, said at the green printing promotion meeting held on the 4th: "This adjustment is made according to the requirements of the mass line education while learning and checking and reforming. The green certification fees reflected by the industry are more High, single certification body, slow certification speed and other issues, the General Administration will pay attention to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology ’s recommendations on self-declaration of enterprises, so that the charging standards are as close as possible to the profit level of printing enterprises and the cost of certification bodies. Quantity, standardize certification, etc. "

Does the self-declaration apply to the printing industry? Can it be a useful supplement to third-party certification? He Xiaolong, director of the Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, interpreted the above problems in the national printing and replication training class held recently, combining two years of pilot experience in applying self-declaration in the industrial field.

What is a corporate self-declaration

The "Notice on the Implementation of Green Printing on Bills and Tickets" states the self-declaration: to actively explore the government design system framework, industry associations to build an implementation platform, and the green printing self-declaration system for inspection and supervision by quality inspection agencies. According to the "Notice", the General Administration and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will establish bills and tickets to implement a green printing self-declaration system, actively promote the construction of a self-declaration information service platform, and guide enterprises to independently commit to quality and safety responsibilities, honesty and trustworthiness.

Green printing certification has gone through three years of practice, and printing companies that are already familiar with third-party certification will inevitably ask-what is a self-declaration?

He Xiaolong introduced that there are currently three ways for enterprises to prove themselves-one-party certification, that is, self-certification and explanation and review; two-party certification, that is, specific customers certify key raw materials, such as the inspection of suppliers by automobile manufacturers; Tripartite certification, which is conducted on behalf of all customers (relevant parties) through a neutral institution. At present, ISO9000 and ISO14000, which are well-known to enterprises, adopt this method for certification.

Therefore, self-declaration is the same as third-party certification, which is a way for companies to prove themselves. The content of the certification includes not only whether the product itself meets the standard, but also the product development, manufacturing process, and whether the company itself and the production environment meet the standard.

If the enterprise adopts the self-declaration certification method, it does not need a third-party organization, and directly provides corroborative materials to prove whether it meets the standard-faithfully disclose the compliance with the specification in the product manual, product packaging and other information, and make a commitment to the society .

According to He Xiaolong, the self-declaration method makes it easier for consumers to obtain enterprise and product information, thereby more easily supervising products, and it is also easier for companies to win the trust of relevant parties and strengthen customer loyalty to the company. More orders and more benefits.

How much does self-declaration cost

Regarding the cost issues that printing companies are most concerned about, He Xiaolong said that compared to third-party certification, the external costs of self-declaration certification are less, usually with the help of internal control of the enterprise, so the cost is lower; and third-party certification needs to follow strict procedures , External costs are higher, so certification costs are higher.

In addition to the different certification fees, He Xiaolong said that the self-declaration of enterprises is also different from the third-party certification in terms of applicable products, implementation subject, implementation process and cycle, and degree of recognition.

In terms of applicable products, self-declaration is not applicable to products with high attention to health, safety, risk, etc., such as pressure vessels, etc., applicable to risks and safety that are not particularly high, and environmental concerns are not particularly high, simple , In large quantities, without serious harm; third-party certification is suitable for various types of products, and the characteristics and systems of products in various industries can be reviewed and certified.

In terms of implementation subject, the self-declared implementation subject is the enterprise itself; the implementation subject of third-party certification is an authorized and qualified organization.

From the perspective of the implementation process and cycle, the self-declaration process is relatively concise and the certification cycle is short; the third-party certification process is relatively complicated, and the implementation cycle is longer than the self-declaration.

In terms of recognition, self-declaration is related to the company's own credibility and integrity; third-party certification is based on the credibility of the certification body.

He Xiaolong said that the EU recommends that the two certification methods can be implemented in parallel, adopting the method selected by the enterprise itself and different in the certification mark. According to reports, in addition to mandatory third-party agency certification, the United States and other developed countries mostly use one-party certification or self-declaration.

In China, the application of self-declaration for certification in the industrial field has only been two years, and it is still in the pilot stage. He Xiaolong introduced that in order to improve product quality, the industrial field adopted an authentication mechanism. However, the third-party authentication method was also adopted at the beginning of the certification. With the progress of the certification process, the management department found that companies are not very active in participating in the third-party certification. He Xiaolong recalled: "We have carefully analyzed the reasons. It turns out that consumers' creditworthiness to certification bodies is not high. This has led to companies that even if they get the certification granted by a third party, they cannot have the effect of guiding consumption. Since there is no return , Companies naturally do not actively participate. "Therefore, after drawing on the mature experience of foreign countries, the industry first introduced the self-declaration certification method of enterprises.

The printing industry is suitable for self-declaration

Does the printing industry have the conditions to carry out self-declaration when implementing green certification? He Xiaolong believes that first of all, the degree of hazards of printed products to human health and the environment is not yet a product with a particularly high risk and a high degree of attention. Therefore, the prerequisites for self-declaration are already in place.

Secondly, at present, the printing industry has cultivated rich soil for the development of enterprise self-declaration in terms of industry atmosphere, standard setting, and policy support. Green printing certification has been carried out for three years. The industry has generally reached a consensus on the role of green printing in environmental protection, personal health, and the continuous development of the industry and the realization of industrial transformation and upgrading; the establishment of two green printing standards for lithography and commercial bill printing is a self-declaration for enterprises Provided reference standards that can be followed; government departments work together to provide generous support policies for the development of green printing, and indicate the direction forward. It is worth mentioning that the success of the pilot project of full coverage of green printing that has been carried out in primary and secondary school textbooks provides a reference for the industry to continue to promote green printing.

In fact, He Xiaolong believes that the self-declaration certification method in the printing industry is not only the need for enterprises to reduce certification costs, but also the performance of the industry in line with international practices. He introduced that the self-declaration method is an internationally recognized method of conformity assessment, with perfect management procedures and mechanisms.

He has all the right opportunities, and He Xiaolong believes that the printing industry has a solid industry foundation for green printing by adopting the self-declaration method of enterprises. He suggested that in the future, the self-declaration of the printing industry can be clearly defined in the system, and the categories of enterprises suitable for self-declaration and third-party certification can be divided in detail.

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