E-commerce accelerates the impact of the home industry home shopping mall how to pull back a game

It seems that overnight, the offline home shopping mall "wake up". From the "Double Eleven" 13 home shopping malls to boycott the Tmall big promotion, it is obvious that this originally slow industry anxiety. Half a month later, Red Star Macalline began to vigorously promote the self-built online platform "Xing Yi Jia", trying to get the escape traffic back.

From the mode point of view, Red Star Macalline's "touching the net" idea is clear, such as the group purchase model successfully imitated Qijia.com, while the goods are strictly implemented online and offline, and the O2O and logistics distribution as an advantage. Outstanding, it can be said that the lessons learned from other traditional fields have been fully absorbed. If properly promoted, the service is in place, it is a good way to break through.

However, in my opinion, there is one more point that must be considered, that is, business expansion. The traditional home shopping mall's business model has always been the brand's presence, but limited by the size of the site and expensive rents, the less well-known brands are not "by side" or "ignored", leading these brands to rely on Tmall for their own way. However, the characteristics of the home furnishing industry are that there are very few well-known home furnishing brands, and small and medium-sized home furnishing brands are getting together. The author believes that when the home shopping malls are expanding into the online market, don’t just stare at the brands on the plates, you may wish to take advantage of the advantages of cyberspace to support a batch. A qualified small and medium-sized brand. For example, they can help them to do some marketing and appropriately incorporate their own logistics systems to help them solve the most troublesome logistics problems of e-commerce.

Home shopping malls have to regain a game, the idea can not only be placed on the "online synchronization", making good use of professional advantages, developing small and medium-sized brands, and enriching the food on the plate is the ultimate goal of the big market.

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