Do you know the eight advantages of uv dryer?

A new type of offset printing process in uv printing requires that the offset printing machine must have a UV drying system. The offset printing machine with the UV drying system is mainly imported and the price is very expensive. Generally, the original offset printing machine of the printing company does not have a UV drying device. Can rely on connected uv dryer for uv printing. As a brand-new drying equipment, uv dryer has flexible application advantages. On this basis, Xinyi has enriched the advantages of uv dryers. Here are eight advantages of Xinyi uv dryers:

1. Instant drying, avoid waiting for drying time, greatly shorten the coating process time;

2. Extensive drying function: drying wood boards, plywood, furniture, steel plates, building materials, lenses, leather, etc. after coating with UV paint;

3. The whole equipment adopts electrostatic spraying, which is beautiful and generous, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean;

4. The electrical control part adopts the products of French Schneider Company and Japanese Omron Company, with high control sensitivity and durability;

5. The conveyor belt adopts imported stainless steel mesh belt;

6. The light source adopts imported high-pressure mercury lamps;

7. The power supply is Taiwan style, which is more energy-saving and more efficient;

8. Designed with a dust-free filtering inlet air circulation cooling system, it is more conducive to the temperature reduction in the uv zone and the positive pressure air design can reduce dust.

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