Crazy use of cosmetic samples

Nowadays, even a group of people have come to use the cosmetic sample for fun, the counter is not enough, and even go online to buy a variety of samples. Buy a few kinds of eye cream, buy a few kinds of cream, face cream also buy it seven or eight on the 10, the foundation and lipstick are the more miscellaneous the better the brands are so attractive, every product is eye-catching, simply Think of yourself as a thoroughly white mouse! The scourge is also the case, you have not passed the guidance of the counter BA, I do not know how to use it correctly, one accidentally used the wrong, cheaper wallet, hurt the most precious face. Secondly, the things that are applied to the face are changed too fast, and the skin is constantly adapting. For a long time, the most tormented skin is inevitably sensitive. Again, the skin's metabolic cycle is 28 to 40 days. It takes at least two months for any product to show its effect. Your sample is specially moisturized these days, and it is anti-aging for a few days. It has become a whitening, so chaotic, what kind of effect do you want? The bears licked the corn, licked a pile and threw it. Over the past few years, major brands have launched products with “immediately effective” effects on the psychology of customers who love demos. These products can show magical effects when they are applied to the face. They are skin care, but they have to add something like a foundation to make your face look good. After a long time, slowly improve the skin. In this way, the sample can play the role of "test strip". With a few milliliters of samples, I look forward to improving skin and skin care. It’s a fantasy, it’s so old, it’s not ruined.

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