Crash troubleshooting case - color failure

Fault phenomenon:

â—‡ Color documents print out in black and white.

â—‡ Printed colors are seriously distorted and even reversed compared to the original colors.


Check if you are using B&W ink or print settings in black mode. If it is not, then perform a nozzle check and print a test line to see if there is a serious break in the test line, execute the 3 wash command and then print the test line. If this step is repeated three times, there is still a serious disconnection. Use the troubleshooting method in “Bubble in Cartridge” to solve this problem.

If the test line is normal, print a four- or six-color patch test pattern (depending on your printer, print at the default settings of 360DPI) and compare it with a standard patch test pattern to check if there is an error in the color sequence when assembling. The normal four-color color arrangement order is: yellow (Y) → magenta (M) → cyan (C) → black (K). The normal six-color color arrangement order is: yellow (Y) → light magenta (LM) → magenta (M) → light cyan (LC) → cyan (C) → black (K).

If it is determined that the color sequence is wrong, remove the ink supply line of the continuous ink supply system for thorough cleaning, and replace the original ink cartridge or empty ink cartridge.

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