Color pulsating life bedroom dark light wardrobe matching scheme

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The bedroom wardrobe has various styles and brands. Simple can be divided into dark wardrobes and light-colored wardrobes, how to match the most beautiful bedroom, the most important thing is the wardrobe and the entire home color coordination, the Chinese wardrobe net contrasts with dark and light colors, let you clearly feel different The charm of life brought by color.

Dark bedroom wardrobe renderings

Southeast Asian style wardrobe

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Product Comments : This case is a Southeast Asian style wardrobe, which draws the warm and simple color of Southeast Asians and the soft color of Thai gold teak, letting you experience the tropical style of Southeast Asia. The combination of the wardrobe and the dressing table increases the use of the space. The green wall is matched with the Thai gold teak panel, which tells the elegant feelings of returning to nature...

Wardrobe color matching

Product Comments : This case is a combination of wardrobe and bookcase, which not only makes reasonable use of space, but also has a powerful storage function. Reasonable layout meets the requirements of space moving line design. The wardrobe is integrated with the wall-mounted design and the edge of the bookcase, making it easy to pick up books and books. It is very suitable for leisure or office.

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